New Furniture

After quite literally years of mulling over replacing my TV room furniture, I took the plunge and ordered new stuff. I wanted something that would work anywhere because I really want to sell my house and who knows where we will end up and what our future place might look like. I forgot to take a pic of the old furniture, but it was upholstered in patterned fabric. I decided to buy leather this time.

I like mixing formal furniture with rustic. Isn't it funny how you notice things in photos that you don't otherwise see. I have a clear bulb and a white one in my wall sconce.

See that thing in the green bowl? That is Tommy Tumbleweed. Long ago on a trip to Taos, I made my husband chase this down the road and grab it. I shipped it home. When they packed it, they boxed it with Styrofoam peanuts. Tumbleweeds are cacti and are very sharp. It took forever to pick those peanuts off of Tommy.

This is where my sofa used to sit. Why didn't I plan this better and have the rug cleaned before the furniture arrived?

Here is the new furniture. Very different and pretty plain. Click for a better look.

Not bad but something was really missing. I put a beaver throw and some beaver pillows on it but they were too dark and really just not right.

This furniture is so much darker than the old stuff.

This is a table I designed long ago. It is a heavy piece of glass and four old scaffold wheels.

These black pieces are antique tea bins. The name of the tea is Gunpowder and is printed across the front of each one. Not a particularly appetizing name for tea. My black jardiniers are empty because I kill house plants faster than Teddy kills.....well, whatever she can get her paws on!

I shipped that chest back from Korea years ago. Teddy hides her toys underneath it. Chows don't play with toys much but believe me, when she decides she wants one, she knows exactly where they are.

Anyway, back to the furniture. I studied it for quite a while and then it hit me. I need formal accent pillows for the leather furniture! This pic was taken with a flash which sort of washes things out.

This pic was taken without the flash. I think the furniture works much better with the pillows. The pillows on the chair on the right did not work at all.

Another flash shot. The colors are truer when taken without the flash.

I stole the cushions from this recamier in my hallway.

I dug through my closet and found extra material I had left from these pillows when I had them made.

So the pillows were returned to the recamier and I've hunted down a place to make new pillows. Now I need to sketch out what I want them to look like. I'll show you the final results when they are completed.


Anonymous said…
your home is amazing,, it looks like a place where you might find gypsy minstrals in one area and maybe Merlin casting a spell on a princess in another.Its very exotic and magical,, beautiful , you could put chopped liver on that furniture and it would look great in that room,, (just a saying) you know what i mean,, thats some house!Not your everyday bungalow,, no sir!
Anonymous said…
Yes You´re right, those will fit in any kind of house. I should have something similar myself actually because they are so easy to clean when the dogs makes a mess :-) :-)

So You want to sell the house. How is the market now days, has it recovered yet? It never got bad here, in fact it was a sellers market until recently when they made it more difficult to borrow money to buy a house. It was needed because if they hadn´t the house market would fall like a rock in thin air (swedish expression).

Have a great day!
I love your new furniture. You could use any colorful pillows. Is that a screen behind the couch? I love it whatever it is.
Pricilla said…
They look comfortable. I was considering leather when we bought ours but I had to consider four sets of claws....
Suzie said…
I loved seeing those tea chests again, and the chest from Korea. .awesome pieces! Ditto your brass & wood telescope, Recamier & hutch/desk .but HEY! Please tell us more about that screen!! It is drop dead gorgeous! Did you design and paint it?

Your new furniture flows beautifully with the pieces that you already have. You take such care in every element that you put together in a room, and they all go together, without competing, or overriding each other. That is a true talent!

Sooo, where do you want to move? What is your dream destination? Would Teddy take to a new home easily?
SharleneT said…
Beautiful, as always. Can't believe you want to leave that beautiful bit of paradise! The gardens, the pond; it's hard to believe... I see you kept your 'ride' close by the door in the first pic. Will you be taking it with you? 8-) (Oh, God, I can't believe you want to sell your house... Now, I'm very sad.)
Robin Larkspur said…
Lovely leather lounging!! The lighter color pillows really are great accents for the furniture! I had noticed Teddy's toys and chuckled because in a lot of our photos there are dog toys, or dog tails or a dog nose. I can't imagine you being in another house; though you have mentioned on occasion wanting a farm. It's a tough decision sometimes!!
Nice furniture. Have fun making new pillows for it! We had tumbleweeds like that on the prairies when I was a kid -- ours were called Russian thistles and boy, were they sharp!
oh... you know i LOVED seeing that's where you have spent your "casey days" ha ha ha

the furniture is the way you put the pillows on's seeing your house...beautiful....

and Teddy's hiding place for her toys too ....

kary and l'il teddy
Guillaume said…
Love the furniture. Very autumnal.
Anonymous said…
What's the price range for that charming house? Here in Florida property is selling under $150,000 and over $500,000. The middle class is waiting an average Days on Market (DOM) 616 days. Usually low ball offers to those who have to relocate and get on with their lives. Maybe now is not the right time to sell something as special as what you own.
Suzie said…
I get so wrapped up, savoring each decorating detail, I forgot to mention how much I enjoy your choices in art, too!

And, I not only love your tumbleweed, and the story behind it, but the bowl that you keep it in too! It is those personal touches that make a house, a home.
petoskystone said…
lovely! i much prefer simple, clean lines in furniture. love the korean chest especially.
good luck selling!
GardenGeek said…
I love the leather sofa- we always have one because of the dogs.
The rest of your house is wonderful- love the tea chests- gunpowder tea is one of my favorites!
Good luck if you decide to move= but your house is so wonderful. Do you feel like starting all over again?
Anonymous said…
I have loved every peek you've given us into your lovely home (inside and out!) I assume you like keeping some anonymity, but since you're thinking about selling, how about the blog tech posting a video tour of your home?? I want to start at the bottom of the driveway and see it all! Let us oooh and ahhh! Pretty please???