The Salem Witch Daylily

Here she is. I thought I had better catch a pic of her before she disappears because, after all, she is a daylily...not a weeklily.

It was really bright out when I took these pics so the colors are a bit washed out.

The true color is a dark maroon with a vibrant yellow.

You need to use your imagination!

Occasionally I have been getting ripe blueberries but the majority will not be ready for a while yet. As I was photographing these, I saw something move and looked closer to see a stink bug...arghhhhh!!! Just when I thought I got rid of all of their food, they are eating my berries. I sure hope I don't have to start ripping out my berry bushes.

The grass is growing on the grave sites.

Hey Teddy!

Watcha doin' back there?

My tree peony pods.

They are so unique when they open. They remind me of jester hats.

The snakes guard the gates.

The hostas and lady's mantel have bloomed.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful !!! I love the daylily. It is very beautiful and when you think it is more darker coloured, it is even more beautiful.
I love the gate guardians.
Teddy looks a bit puzzled ; )
Have a great weekend.
Guillaume said…
Beautiful flowers.
i want snakes guarding my gate !!!!!

love that...

i have a rose that i bought for one reason only...the is called NIGHT could i pass that up...anyway..i had no idea the color of the flower and it is just about the same color as the salem witch day i love that rose even more cause it reminds me of salem witches !!!

i see the grass on the graves...too funny

and Hey Teddy...little Teddy says HI !!!!
Anonymous said…
I´m usually not that fond of day lilies but this one is beautiful!

That snake is so cool! I´ve never seen anything like it before.

I think I´ll get around twenty blueberries this year :-) :-) But since they actually went through a period with snow and ice just when they started to flower I´m happy :-)

Have a great day!
The Traveler said…
That daylily is gorgeous! I love your gate lock too. I just want to grow up to be you, lol.
Pricilla said…
She is a beautiful flower
I hope that's an isolated stink bug.
~ Jayne ~ said…
You have a enchanting grounds, a spectacular flower, and the sweetest Chow!
Anonymous said…
I love that Lily,, great name!
AlphaBetsy said…
What a gorgeous lily!! What was Teddy doing? lol. Have a great weekend.
The Salem Witch Lily is a beauty. Rich color!

Great garden visit.

Thank you for sharing!

xoxo to Teddy Summertime
Christina said…
I just discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVE it :)
petoskystone said…
damn stinkbugs! what sort of pest control do the countries it's native to use? lovely daylily!
Anonymous said…
Your gardens are so beautiful! I don't think I'd leave them all summer.

Wizardess said…
Loving those snakes.
SharleneT said…
Okay, where did you get those gate snakes? Were they a find at a thrift shop or were they special made? And that lily is gorgeous. Yes, I can imagine the colors. I'm not even going to grow up; I'm just moving in with you! Send the Blog Tech packing... 8-)
Suzie said…
I love the lily! Last year, I made a long list of Halloween name related lilies, but haven't bought any yet. I wasn't home enough to take care of the garden that I already have. .and am questioning if I have room for them anyway. I don't have a lot of sunny space. But I love looking at them, and dreaming!!

And I love those snakes! They look like they are part of the fence! When we picked out the style of fencing we have, there wasn't anything like those in their inventory, darn it! It is so cool how you have all of these symbols throughout your whole garden and home. They are a part of it, and meant to be.

Teddy looks like she is waiting for something. .could it be Fall?