Teddy Has Some News

She is having plastic surgery! As if she isn't cute enough already! Teddy needs an eye lift. She has something called entropion. Many dogs with smooched in faces have this problem. Her eye lids are too droopy and her lashes are scratching her corneas. She has been having wet eyes for quite some time. None of the vets we visited diagnosed what was wrong. She would get eye drops for a while and as soon as we finished them, her eyes would become infected again. We finally took her to a specialist who diagnosed the problem. The surgery is not a major concern for me but the anesthetic is. Chow Chows do not handle anesthetic very well. They need much less than regular dogs and there are only a couple kinds they can tolerate. I am in contact with the vet and she has promised to plan ahead with the anesthesiologist . It still makes me nervous. The last time she was there they forgot and gave her exactly the wrong one and poor Teddy really had trouble with it. It took her days to shake off the effect.

The droopy eye look will soon be gone. I hate having her go through this. But I also don't want her to lose her eyesight. She already has corneal scarring and I have to give her drops for 2 months to try to reverse some of it.

They have to shave her face for the surgery too. My last chow had this same operation and she looked like an alien for weeks.

The surgery is a week from tomorrow. If you could send her some positive energy on that day I would appreciate it. I am going to be one relieved mama when this is over. I can not even think about trying to keep an Elizabethan collar on her. Oh well, one day at a time!

So, to make me feel better, I got out some Halloween stuff.

First I got out my Halloween plates. Each plate has a different pattern.

The raven.

Skull and cross bones.

And my favorite, the witch!

I put out more Halloween candy. No one even eats this stuff but I like how it looks. Well, that is not exactly true. The Blog Tech stuffs several handfuls of peanut M&M's in his mouth every morning when he comes over here. The breakfast of champions.

Pumpkins in a pumpkin.

The glass pumpkins are on the windowsill.

I love that Dots makes bats and candy corns.

And I put my pumpkin light on my desk just in front of my witch lamp. This is actually dark orange though it photographed really bright.


ana_didi said…
Good energy for Teddy, always! Everything will be alright.
Anonymous said…
Lots of good energy is sent from Sweden!

It´s good that You´ve talked to the vet so she doesn´t get the wrong kind once again! and her eyes will be so much better after the surgery.

I do like Your Halloween decorations even if it reminds me of autumn :-)

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
I hope everything works out just fine for Teddy. We send lots and lots of goat hugs
Poor Teddy, she is not going to be happy - you will have to make some of your wonderful treats for her, won't you.
Love and positive energy coming her way.... and for the worried mum, too.
I love the glass pumpkins!
Robin Larkspur said…
I know the anxiety is high right now. I hate when my dogs and cats have anesthesia. But you have addressed the concern from the beginning so all will go well. Teddy will come through with flying colors. We will be thinking of you all!! Hugs!
Oh no! Poor Teddy and poor mama! I know how we worry about our furry babies. Lots of positive energy coming your way. Glad you got out your favorite decorations!
Marjorie said…
Poor baby, good luck Teddy! I love your plates. I am sick to death of summer and hot and it pleases me to no end to see Halloween stuff.
Kary and L'il Teddy are sending all good thoughts and postitive energy your way... the Halloween...well, you KNOW i LOVE that...it's started here too...

Lots of Love being sent to TEDDY !!!!

You know I will be sending healing prayers of light, and for the anesthesiologist and vet to be on their toes, no mistakes.

She is a sweetheart. Her very own special self is more than enough.

She will be fine.

xoxo to Teddy Summertime
AkasaWolfSong said…
I will send up prayers, good thoughts and hold lots of good energy for Teddy and You Jazz!

Loved the photos today! :)

Blessings to You and Teddy!
Guillaume said…
Good luck Teddy, you're the cutest Chow Chow I ever saw!

And those mats are really niiiiice!
Autumnforest said…
Good luck, Teddy, sweets! I'm sure she will be greatly relieved. I wouldn't mind a little eye lift myself. Oh, those pictures are making my Halloween-itis even more crazy! I actually pulled out "The Fog" and watched it the other night while writing a scene for my zombie novel. If that doesn't get one in the mood for Samhain, I don't know what does!
All the stars get plastic surgery and it seems Teddy is no exception! Will send her lots of healing thoughts for her surgery. And some for you too in order to get through it.
I worked for a vet for many years and this is generally a routine op and very successful. As they are aware of the anaesthetic problems Teddy should be just fine. Good luck Diane
Chrissykat said…
Consider the positive energy sent! My aunt had this procedure done on one of her dogs (not a chow) and what a difference! Wishing Teddy a successful surgery & a speedy recovery!
If Teddy gets any more beautiful she will have to have her own reality show. You are a good mom for worrying, but with all this good energy and prayers coming her way I think she is going to be just fine. Make her special food that she loves. Like she isn't spoiled already. Give her hugs for me.
Joane said…
Lots of good ju-ju for your chow chow! Poor Teddy but, I'm sure she'll be fine since she has a good mommy to look out for her.
Sugar said…
good luck to sweet lil Teddy! yay for halloween stuff! I can't wait to get mine up!!
Cottage Tails said…
ooh poor Teddy. Can you speak to the anesthesiologist on the day? I often write all over admition form too - And remind vet nurse... Yep I am one of those pet owners...

Bet Teddy & you will be pleased when it is all over. ((HUGS))
Love Leanne
Jennifer Rose said…
hoping for the best for teddy :)

i love those plates!
Chowz Creations said…
Poor Teddy. All of my chows have had to have this surgery. I cannot believe her regular vet wasn't able to see what the problem was considering it's very visible! Mine never tried to scratch/rub their eyes after surgery, so I thankfully didn't have to resort to the collar. They do have an inflatible type collar now. The old style are so HUGE to accomodate the chow's large neck. Hugs to Teddy - and hugs to YOU. Been there, done that. I'm thankful the Vet is listening to you on the anesthesia.
Danni said…
Positive thoughts and healing energy - you got it coming in bucket-fulls from Oregon! Oh dear, Teddy will have to wear a Cone of Shame, poor dear. Roxy, my farm pup, can certainly commiserate on the evils of those things. It will be such a good feeling for both of you when this is behind you. xoxo
Joyce, Please tell Teddy I'm sending you both all the Reiki and SPE healing energies I can.
oldblackcatboo said…
Joyce, I work at a vet clinic and Cottage Tails is RIGHT! Tell EVERY single person you see that morning when you drop her off about her anesthesia history! Write it on EVERY thing and ask to speak to the Vet before you leave her if possible. Human error is a HUGE problem at both vet clinics AND people hospitals. The ONE time that I didn't stand with my nose pressed against the surgery window of one of my pets, they messed up. (I won't go into it here, but she is fine now)I say, WHO CARES what they think. Teddy is your baby, so I'd be right up their youknowwhat before the surgery. The surgery itself is pretty common and I wouldn't worry really but I am very surprised they didn't address that earlier. Unfortunately, whether it's our pets or ourselves, we have to trust no one completely and be on top of things.
That being said, I'm sure all will go well and Teddy will be one big happy fluffball!
:D - Cindi
Wizardess said…
Best wishes to Teddy. Remind us closer to surgery day & I'll send off those good vibes just when they are needed.
Mel Mel said…
Lucy and I will send tons of positive thoughts and healing energy for Teddy from here in Washington! And some hugs too for everyone! :-)
Anonymous said…
sending positive thoughts your way and love the decorations,, I would eat the candy though,, big time sweet tooth,
mlw33 said…
Aww poor Tedddy. Sending my love to Teddy on her surgery day and every day. She will be fine!
You are giving me the autumn itch! I would love to take my stuff out. Gonna try to wait until I return from my Walt Disney World vacation Labor day weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jaz! Teddy will be just fine! I use to work for my veterinarian so I understand your concern. FYI: Chow Chow's are bad, but be glad you don't have a Dalmation! LOL

I'll be sure to keep her in my thoughts from here on out! She is such a pretty girl!

AlphaBetsy said…
Sending much love and good energy to Teddy.

I love all the Halloween. I am so ready to bust mine out as well, but I am trying to wait until August, lol.
Sending lots of good wishes, thoughts and positive energy to Teddy girl!! She's a force in her own right and will come through tough as ever!
Sending all those good vibes to Teddy's mama too! :)
SharleneT said…
Definitely will be sending good vibes for Teddy. It's always so scary when pets have to be operated on and I know you'll be very nervous. {{{HUGS}}}
Soraya said…
Aww Positive Energy for Teddy! Hoping for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery :) Lots of Hugs!
petoskystone said…
swift golden luck for teddy! the glass pumpkins & light are beautiful. ah..to have a young mans' metabolism....
Tournesol said…
Love and good wishes to Teddy! Ah, candy for breakfast, the good old days!
GardenGeek said…
Sending good thoughts Teddy's way!
The hot dogs look wonderful!
Marigold said…
Sending Teddy positive vibrations! May the Universe sending her awesome healing powers. Your Halloween dishes are fantastic!
Mystica said…
Am coming to this on Thursday so hoping that everything is going off well for you and Teddy.
~ Jayne ~ said…
Just read this post : sending luv & light to you both for strength and healing.I saw Halloween candy in the local store yesterday and my spirit was lifted too!
Mina said…
Oh sweet little love Teddy! I am so sorry to hear that she has to have surgery on her eyes. It is always such a concern when our furry babies go through something like this and given her anesthesia possibilities makes it that much worse. My thoughts will certainly be with her and I will burn a candle as well. If you can, please post a reminder the day before. Hubby just had surgery this week and I cannot seem to keep up with things as I am running in circles. Hugs to you both.
Rue said…
Adding Teddy's name to the healing area on my altar. It's good that you are dealing with a specialist - she will be in good hands.

I love that your Halloween items are making their way out! I've got one glass pumpkin in my kitchen, but now I'm definitely going to start pulling things out!