Trying to Feel Fall

I am pissed!!! The weather people kept saying the heatwave would break on Tuesday and I was really looking forward to it. This morning they announced a new heatwave is arriving on Thursday. We will be back up in the triple digits again.

So, I continue to surround myself with Fall and Halloween decorations.

I tuned up one of my best brooms and have it ready and waiting for the big night.

The black cat door stop is out.

And though our pumpkins are not ready yet, I bought some squash in Fall colors to decorate the potting table. Click for a closer look.

The ravens are decorating different areas of the garden.

And it is a miracle! We had some rain! It only made it hotter and more humid though.

I put out some redware and a few velvet pumpkins.

And owl lights.

And the bronze owls.

I hope you are all cool somewhere!


petoskystone said…
perhaps a touch cooler than you. luscious red ware!
AlphaBetsy said…
I am ready for the heat to break myself. And I am also breaking out the fall and Halloween pieces as well as planning my Halloween parties for this year.
Anonymous said…
You should be over here today. It´s so bl...y cold that not even bumblebees are out flying. It seems we always have the opposite weather to You :-) :-) :-) Well at least I´m not disturbed by flies and mosquitos either :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day despite the heat!
i'm still in the ski jacket....

i LOVE all of it !!!
love the potting table...and you found those gourds THIS YEAR !!! already...what a score !!!

i LOVE the owls ANYTHING owl....

come on Fall...let's GO !!!
Guillaume said…
Don't worry, Fall will come, and you will appreciate it even more than you have been longing for it. Hot Summers are often followed by cold Autums.
Cottage Tails said…
We have an icy blast here in New Zealand - I'll blow some your way.

Love Leanne
~ Jayne ~ said…
My pumpkins are still green & growing on their vines. What say we petition the weather gods to dispell the forthcoming heatwave?!*
Suzie said…
I've been gone all week, and sadly, Rochester, MN was just as hot as it was here. .maybe a few degrees hotter, but after you hit 90, I'm super miserable anyway.

When I went to the drugstore to get prescriptions for Hubs, I found small pockets of Halloween lurking among the window fans, beach toys and flip-flops, so I bought myself a battery powered JOL candle to eat our take-out dinner, by!

Especially on our trip home, I started noticing signs. .wild asters and ironweed blooming, goldenrod here and there, and the trees are getting that pale look to them. .they've lost that fresh green. When I loaded our car in the morning, I noticed a "shift" in the air. .even though it was still hot and humid, it was there. .we've turned the corner.

I was pointing these things out to Hubs, and told him that the one true sign would be once we got home, that you would have put out more of your Halloween, and I was right! How delightful! I love it all!!!
"If you build it, they will come." Works the same way with decorating, hopefully!
Pricilla said…
It's lovely here. 69 in the house, low 70ies outside.

You really should come visit
"We're having a heatwave, a tropical heat wave." I'm burrowed in the air conditioning until this is over.

xoxo to Teddy Ref Fluffs
oldblackcatboo said…
I couldn't agree with you more!
I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the sounds of thunder and lightning and I was HAPPY because that would mean a bit of a cool down...right?!
But when I opened the door to go out to the porch this morning it felt like someone threw a wet hot cloth against my face. I actually think it's WORSE. Much more muggy.
I think I'm about to LOSE it!
:( - Cindi
Suzanne said…
I am ready for fall also!

How is Teddy doing?
Mama L said…
Oh I hear you the heat wave thing was supposed to be over yesterday, but alas it is not. I got the pleaseure of slepping in today got up and got ready to go out for a walk and with the heat index at 9am it was over 100 degrees so back in the house I went. I rebelled by baking pumpkin muffins ! Lol my ever expanding wide ass was happy, I need fall to be ushered in. Stay cool and Blessings
Anonymous said…
so sorry to hear its going up in temps again for you.The velvet pumkins are beautiful,, I love owls and collect them,,those squash are going to cook if the temps get in the three digits,, I also love the big toads you have makes think of the choir in the Harry Potter movie,,sorry bout the heat,, I'm sending cool thoughts as I type this,, maybe you could put big blocks of ice infront of a fan and sit by that,, my gramma did that on the farm and its amazing how well this works,, its old school but does work,,
Pict-ish! said…
I've been following you blog for sometime,it always picks me up when I'm in the doldrums. I most of all love your enthusiasm for Halloween and celebrating Samhain, I thought it so funny you to be putting your autumn decorations up in the heat of the summer and cursing the good weather,while here in Ireland its certainly smelling and feeling like autumn and everyone here is still waiting hopefully for our annualy promised heatwave that rarely makes its appearance! I think if you lived here you would be tempted to permanently celebrate Halloween with all your beautiful decorations! I look forward to having my own house when I can do just that. Halloween/ Samhain is a very special time, unfortunately not many people here realise such anymore, if they even know its meaning, I am always happy to see people wrapped up in its magic and excitement, you are by far the most entusiastic I have come by and I find your blog most Inspirational, keep up the good work, love to you and Teddy! xxx Marianne
Texan said…
Yes this heat is really bad, I too am so looking forward to fall but we are a bit away yet here in Texas from that!
Raven said…
I LOVE your adorable little owl lights! And the owl doorstops! Owls are my thing, I'll have to post some pics on my blog soon of my own owl collection. Your broom is amazing, too; wherever did you get it? I like your idea of getting the fall stuff out now, maybe it will make it feel a little less hot. It's been 101-104 down here in Texas for almost 2 months now.
Sandy said…
I'm with you on HATING the heat. I think one of the best blog posts you did was where you lamented the loss of the winter. I grew up in Miami and just detest constant we have constant wet wool blanket heat..misery. I've always said any latitude south of Sweden it too hot!!
Go lose yourself in a good book and maybe when you look up it will be blessed autumn!!
Jackie said…
Love the pictures! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and as much as I'm looking forward to it, I actually am the opposite of most people - I love the heatwave! I was disappointed when it ended here.
I do love your decorations though! Really enjoying following your blog :)
Mouse said…
I read about the heatwave.
Tell me, do these tricks work?
And if so, please let me know how to hasten the winter's snow????