Fog or Steam

I wish I could tell you these shots were all taken in the early morning fog. Alas, they were snapped during the early morning steam. That is steam over top of the huge Weeping Beech.

You see, we finally had something that I hear is called rain. Not much mind you, just enough to cause steam. And let me be very clear about this, it did not cool things off! It made it hotter, thus....steam!

Do you see why I took this photo? Leaves on the ground = coming of Fall = cooler temps? If not, who exactly do I complain to?

The Oakleaf Hydrangea flowers are almost completely brown. Impending Fall.

Even the creek is steamy.

The ferns are on their way out and losing their color.

Notice some yellow leaves on the Katsuras? There smelled like passion fruit as I was taking the photos. I guess the smell changes as the season ends. They smell like cotton candy in the spring.

Poached fish.

The Japanese Maple is turning red.

Look what the drought has done to these Hydrangeas.

One of the last Zinnias.

The outdoor fireplace's mantel.

Teddy sure misses visiting her ponds. I bet when she returns on Tuesday minus the cone, this is the first place she will head to.

A slug on the Hosta. Slugs love steam.

The Hostas are giving it up for Fall too.

A happy stone frog in the ivy.

You can see the dying lily pads on the perimeter yet there are new ones along with new flower towards the center.

Please, whomever is in charge of weather, release us from this heat!!!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful photographs!
but i doubt You´ll have even an early autumn yet. It hasn´t even started up here even if some leafs are changing colors now. But that can happen during long draught and heat too I´m afraid.

It just feels like the weather is mocking us when it gives that little rain after a long draught. But the steam looks pretty though :-)

I do hope that You´ll get cooler weather now!

Have a great day!
Lets do a little rain dance. It could work!

Your garden is parched.

Have a good day.

xoxo to Teddy Feeling Better
Pict-ish! said…
Im sending fall your way :) Hope Teddy is getting better!
i think i felt a slight twinge of crispy on my wings this morning....

loved the tour...teddy will be so HAPPY to get into those ponds !!!

Good Bye Summer Heat !!! you won't be missed !!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Robin Larkspur said…
I can tell you are really steamed!
Autumnforest said…
Well, I'd be curious to see what the drought does to fall colors. I hope you can at least appreciate some oranges and reds and yellows in a few months' time.
Pricilla said…
The zinnia is gorgeous
Same thing here. Everything is parched looking for a drink. Glad Teddy will be able to visit and explore the ponds very soon. She'll be so happy when that cone is removed. Take care. Loved the photos.
Anonymous said…
I love this post of your garden,, just beautiful, I would love to paint those lily pads in the pond!
Guillaume said…
Thee is always something slightly creepy about woods and rivers. Rivers symbolise te gate to the supernatural world.
Wizardess said…
Because of my proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, I haven't missed out on rain. I do love to drive/walk along a country road after a rain, and watch the steam rise. Definitely a take-what-you-can-get situation!
Barb said…
Now I really feel guilty!!!My daughter and I went raspberry picking yesterday morning. It was probably 73 or so. We both commented on how glad we were that we went early- After all, it might get to 80 this afternoon!!!! Today we might reach 80 again and I was complaining about that!! I do know about the steam-we spent one 4th of July in Savannah, a beautiful city but not one I can live in!! But hope is coming! Today I rejoiced over mums at the Fred Meyer. Didn't buy any yet , I like them blooming in the real fall. In spite of the heat your pictures were lovely.
Anonymous said…
So sad when the weather is steaming everything. My poor goats have had enough of the heat too. Luckily we finally got a cooling rain here. Hope it heads your way next.

Where's a good cold front when you need one?
greekwitch said…
I have a nose for those things! I am telling you Fall is on its way. I can smell it in the air.
Unfortunately i have a feeling that this year in Greece, the weather is going to be warm until December. But i guess it is a good thing, if you consider the gas price.
There is a greek recipe just like the one with the red peppers minus the garlic. We make them with a specific type of red pepper that comes from Florina. They are amazing.
Right now i am sitting in a balcony where a few minutes ago two bats were hanging out. I have never been so close to bats. It was cool. I knew you would appreciate this story, after all it is only 86 days to halloween.
Hang in there!
Suzie said…
I prefer to think of it as fog. .it cools me off a bit. .thinking "steam", I can't even breath!

I keep seeing signs of Fall here too. .Hubs likes to try andcrush my hopes though, telling me that it is the affects of drought. .I remain steadfast in my convictions though. .Fall IS coming!

I hope that you are getting some much needed sleep, and that Teddy is continuing to heal quickly!
Mina said…
I am with you here. This heat is just repressive! I am beginning to see a few leaves falling so I do have hope that is will cool down soon. If not, I am going to become a bit cranky. ;-)