Halloween Stuff

Now this is not too scary. Well, unless you try to come into her yard!

Some of the green came out of Teddy's mane during grooming but not all of it. Look how skinny she looks? Her winter coat has not come in yet.

I started to clean out my Halloween stuff so The Blog Tech can sell it on his ebay store. It is a bit embarrassing. I've only opened 3 boxes and I hardly have enough room to sit it out to see what I have.

A couple of hags I dragged back from the Czech Republic. The one on the left has a rat in her hair!

This German witch seems to smell something bad?!

If there is an empty pot or a spot of dirt in my yard, it has a mum in it now.

Well, almost! I bought 100 more mums this morning. The checkout lady recognized me. Mum shame!!!

The cemetery continues to fill in!

I am out of here now. I have lots of playing in the dirt to do today. Please send good rain energy! I and my mums need it!


Ooops, the mum police have caught you! Same with the lemon verbena police for me! We are in good company!
that first picture of the halloween stuff...i have EXACTLY the SAME THINGS !!!! EXACTLY !!!!

i need to do a clear-me-out over here too....

the cemetary looks great !!!
fun to see Teddy !!!

i know you have a BIG DAY planting and i am sending postive rain energy over there !!!!!

it's going to look wonderful this Fall

kary and l'il teddy
Guillaume said…
Oh those witches and those Jack O'Lanterns! I want them!
I can't wait for Halloween and cool, crisp weather. Drooling of your decorations. Ebay auction link?
I can't wait for Halloween and cool, crisp weather. Drooling of your decorations. Ebay auction link?
LaTrice said…
100 more mums? I thought I was bad with my 30 or so.

What's the name of the blog tech's ebay store? I'm always interested in aquiring new Halloween.
Anonymous said…
That looks so great, I can't wait to see them in bloom. I love mums too.
Your Halloween goodies look fantastic !!
Have a magical day.
The Frog Queen said…
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos....sending good rain thoughts your way!

So why have you gone all OCD on the mums?
Anonymous said…
Your Halloween stuff is just amazing! I´ve been taking a look at what You sell every now and again and it is a shame we don´t celebrate Halloween here!

Teddy does look skinny after the grooming :-)

Your garden will look fantastic when all those mums flowers! I haven´t bought my three that I´ll have yet :-) :-) :-)

Nova learned a lesson today poor thing :-) I had already written my blog but I just had to put in what happened already today :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
sending rain thoughts and energy your way,, thats a whole lot of halloween goodness, I'm still painting halloween type things as well, its the whisper of fall ,, it sparks it in me,
Pricilla said…
I guess mum's the word, eh?
Marigold said…
You are definitely my kind of gal. Halloween! Yeah! And, by the way, you don't have to worry about them just recognizing you at the nursery. Now when they call you by name - then you're in trouble. :)
Kimberley Paige said…
I am a tulip hoarder. I have like dozens and dozens of them, and still it's not enough...
And I would be MORE than happy to send you some of the rain we are getting here in the Philadelphia region. Every day - deluges!
Barb said…
Sure hope you get rain soon. All those mums are going to be beautiful! I do love your Halloween stuff. I'll keep a look-out for the Blog Tech's sale. I often look up vintage Halloween on E-Bay.
Wizardess said…
You are a crazy mum. It had to be said. :)
Love your Halloween stuff. Vintage pieces are always the best. Are you sure you want to part with them? Teddy looks so sweet whatever coat she's wearing. I can't believe the number of mums you've planted. AMAZING.
petoskystone said…
only 100? teddy doesn't look skinny, she looks comfortable. i like the look of the german witch.
floweringmama said…
Holy cow! 100 MORE mums? I cringe buying 5 when they are charging so much for them.
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Thank goodness Teddy's winter coat hasn't grown in. Too hot!!

Mum's the word, but isn't it great to clear things out until you have what you truly love. Truly love, not everything, but the essence of your passion.

J, Ogunquit was a madhouse. A madhouse. Car crawled through traffic at about 2 miles per hour. Terrible. I can't see you being an Ogunquit girl, but I can picture you in Kennebunkport.

Good day today...great breeze, lots of sailboats out and taking advantage of it.

Sending love down the coast,

audrey said…
Wow, you do have some Halloween stuff. hahaha
How do I find the Blog Tech's ebay store so I can put some of your collection into mine? hahahaha Seriously.
All those mums are going to be beautiful!!
♥ audrey
Jennifer Rose said…
you can have some of our rain, had so much here that places are flooding :/

teddy does look pretty skinny, but also very fluffy :)
Mina said…
I LOVE your Halloween decorations. Three boxes and you have more? Wow!

I can't wait to see your mums in bloom or the cemetery filled in.