More Garden Pics

I am trapped, cleaning in our guest house which is where my daughter had been living for three years.

I try to stay out of my kids houses so I don't have to kill them.

Now I know I have been smart because they would be dead.

Over the last 2 days I've spent 14 hours and have not finished the kitchen. The kitchen is about the size of 2 of my closets.

At least I am almost done outside.

Teddy waits every day for me to come back home!

Finally the raised bed is planted and mulched.

It should fill in soon.

I thoroughly watered it this morning.

Just so you don't think I am exaggerating....this is the kitchen.

Part of the first floor. Quite a mess.

The dining room is under all of this.

Sorry for the blur....we had an earthquake! Everything shook and rattled. I'll show photos of things when they are completed! If I am going to die in an earthquake I hope it gets me before I tackle the second floor.


Pricilla said…
I read about your earthquake. We had a little one 2.1 didn't even feel it.

I hope all is OK
Anonymous said…
did you really have an earthquake or are you just joshing ,, I've been smiling since i started reading this,, your guest house is bigger than my whole apartment and the kitchen is twice as big as mine,, (((sigh)))))
Guillaume said…
We used to have a black bear skin at home! It gave me a few nightmares but it also became a game companion.
loved seeing this...what a cute place..i love that glass cabinet for the dishes and glasses !!!

now i see where you are !!!!

did you REALLY have an earthquake...they freak me out...and i am living in california...huh?????

p.s. i jumped back when i saw the Fall on your blog...and i got a BIG SMILE...

gonna have to go and doctor mine up now...
I'm glad the blurriness was caused by an earthquake and not by your shaking with rage! I hope it didn't cause too much damage in your state.
Anonymous said…
Well we do see things a bit different, like what a mess is :-) :-) :-) I´ve seen much worse here :-) :-) :-)

I can´t wait to see all those mums flower! That must be an amazing sight! I guess they survive in Your climate, they barley do here if I cover them with plenty of leafs and then they still start to flower way to late in autumn :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Dirgesinger said…
This must be a huge work, but in the end the house itself looks sooo nice. I would love to live in a home like that.

I hope everything is okay with you after the earthquake!
You are a very good mom not to have killed your kids. haha I can't believe you had an earthquake, as well as D.C. and Virginia.
Kimberley Paige said…
Felt it here in NJ!
Can't wait to see the "after" pics of the guest house! Might give me some inspiration to tackle my basement...
oldblackcatboo said…
WOW! I love your daughters house, messy or not.
:D - Cindi
Lord I hope you don't have another earthquake, even if you do have to clean the second story!Your blog background makes me feel cooler even if it is over 100 here today!
Autumnforest said…
Let me know if you're leasing it out. I would seriously move into it! Yes, stay way from the glass cases during an earthquake. I learned that during a 6.0.
Mystica said…
I haver my daughter back for 3 weeks and you should see the state of the room! Can understand you very well.
Wizardess said…
Leaves! Pumpkins! Let there be rejoicings!
petoskystone said…
wow! your daughters' isn't so much ;) i didn't feel the earthquake here, but my daughter works in new haven, ct., & they evacuated office buildings. she was not happy with her first earthquake.
quakes aren't as common here in the northeast, but we do have fault lines. the one in new york state used to have a nuclear power plant on top.
My relatives in Maryland felt the earthquake too. Said crystal candlesticks on fireplace mantle almost shattered. Looks like you have tackled quite a bit and that you're making progress. Teddy looks happy watching and waiting.
SharleneT said…
I'm going to ask a stupid question... why weren't they helping you clean up the mess?... hahahahaha... couldn't resist... I think your guest house is bigger than my house, but my kitchen is more square giving the appearance of more room. Are you still trying to sell your place? I can't imagine leaving such a little paradise... Teddy's looking great. Does she show that there's been an improvement or is she just taking it for granted? Give her some hugs for me.
Patsi said…
Loving the raised bed so tidy.
Quake here also first one I ever felt.
Tammy said…
I guess I better cross inviting you over for supper off of my Bucket List. My house wouldn't look half that good after 14 hours of cleaning!

Is that a dulcimer I see hanging by the French doors?
Hi i am new to blogging, i am amazed at your recipes. Everytime i chose one i see another, what a wonderful blog!
Mina said…
Your garden is just lovely. When my kids lived at home we always kept their rooms shut. I couldn't stand to look at them. An entire house? You are a brave, brave woman.

Your guest house is gorgeous though and I am so glad you weren't harmed in the earthquake. Teddy looks so sweet waiting for momma.