More Halloween

This is going to be an unusually busy month. I have house guests for the next two weekends, then a reunion the following weekend and then my daughter has an event she will need me to help her with at the end of the month. So, after a horribly slow, boring, hotter than hell summer, it is time for me to hit the ground running. If I happen to repeat photos or you notice that some are blurred, it is because right now my life is a blur. But, I am still decorating!

I pulled out some of my Halloween signs.

And some of my Halloween jewelry.

I made more Turkish roasted peppers.

And some oven baked tomatoes. These will be used over the weekend.

One of the small signs went on the windowsill.

I've been placing mushrooms around the house.

I got out the vintage witch boudoir doll.

And the old witch cookie jar.

Some of my favorite handcrafted pieces.

One of the decorated shelves. You might have to click on the pics. I literally ran through the house to get this post together.

The witch boot scrapes are in position and my favorite window sitter is on top of the window.

And the black cats are keeping guard under the witch.


Pricilla said…
I feel like your "handcrafted pieces" today.
Anonymous said…
I do like all Your halloween stuff!

My brain sort of jumped a bit when I saw those plates shaped like maple leafs! Suddenly I remembered that we hade very similar ones when I grew up :-) Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea where they are now days.

Have a great day!
Wow, your home looks ready for company. Have a great week-end!!
-Kim :)
Autumnforest said…
I just love the decorations, but the jewelry is wicked awesome!
love seeing it the jewlery..and your redware...all the witches...glad to see your're all ready for Halloween...more decorating here today too....

only 60 days till Halloween !!!!!


off to see the crab recipe !!!
Fun visit, love the Halloween decor!

Wishing all your plans to turn out well.

xoxo to Teddy Halloween Fluffs
Guillaume said…
Oh you put me in the mood for Halloween! Here it looks like autumn already.
I am loving all your Halloween and Witches. The jewerly is fabulous!
I'm getting prepped up for Halloween as well... :) Such cute decorations! ♥
Anonymous said…
wow, you have a beautiful halloween collection,, sounds like a busy few months,, enjoy! I have the velvet pumpkins as well, I made them from antique burnished velvet, very easy job, using real pumpkin stems,,I think they look good year round.
Adsila said…
I love your decorations. They are making me want the fall to hurry and get here.
Things are looking terrifically witchy and Halloweeny at your place! Be sure to take time to stop and smell the deadly nightshade!
Anonymous said…
Love the "majick"-sign..
Mama L said…
Wow, great stuff for Halloween. Thanks for sharing. I am toting up the tupperware bins full of Halloween goodness this weekend ! Blessings
Barb said…
I really look forward to seeing all your wonderful Halloween and Witch stuff. I'm really getting in the mood. I have several "witch" books on hold at the library. I got out all or I should say some of my Halloween fabric, washed and ironed it and think I'll do a table something with some of the fabric.
Sharon Lovejoy said…
As I am simplifying here and getting ready for bittersweet and pumpkins, baby, you pulled out ALL the stops. We are yin and yang.

Love the bootscrapers, LOVE the cookie jar...too much to mention, but I adored seeing everything.

sending love,


Fires in the evening and cuddling under comforter now.
petoskystone said…
liking the black cats & maple leaves especially!
Jennifer Rose said…
i love all of your decorations :D would love to do that to our house here, it needs more halloween lol
Vivien said…
I love love love the jewelry.