On The Way To Zoar

We drove through God's country!

Lot's happening in Scio for a tiny town!

And who would have thunk it?

Custer's first stand!

A busy day in Scio.

Uh oh....strangers are driving through town. I stepped on the gas a bit!

I don't think I will be back for this.

Leaving downtown Scio...that took about 20 seconds! Notice the buggy crossing sign!

I bet they pack them in for this. Click to enlarge.

Ah ha....a buggy sighting!

Come to mama!

No smile for the camera.

This is pretty much what we saw for hours.

And this.

And corn...lots of corn. Where there is natural gas there is oil. So, you see these pumps everywhere.

A log home.

And finally we arrive in Zoar.

The cupola on the old Zoar Hotel.

The Zoar Store. How cute is that name?

The goats were very curious about us.

But not so much about Teddy. They were looking for a way out.
The front of the Zoar Hotel.

More photos of the trip tomorrow! AND....tomorrow is cone liberation day!


that had me in hysterics !!!! that Fall festival in Scio....are you sure you don't want to go to that ????? ha ha ha....

too funny...

one more day for teddy !!!!!

way to go !!!

loved the tour...
kary and l'il teddy
Anonymous said…
Beautiful landscapes though but I doubt I would take the Bethlehem night tour to be honest :-) :-) :-)

Zoar however looks really nice and I´m looking forward to see more photographs!

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
Goats don't like dogs.
Nope. Not at all.

Cute goat!
Jennifer said…
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Loved the cute, curious little goat!
Rosemary said…
Interesting is the word I have come up with..... Glad Teddy is recovered and conefree.
Anonymous said…
Great pictures. I love the scenery. I like the buggy pictures too. Zoar looks like a nice town and the hotel looks wonderful.
Teddy, just one more day !!!!!
Have a magical day.
"Custer's first stand" -- good one *snort*!
Sharon Lovejoy said…
JAZ, you crack me up...I was sitting here howling.

Thanks for dropping by and visiting...speaking of visiting...Zoar Store? How was it???

Happy Cone Liberation Day Teddy!!!



Don't cry, but it is raining here and we've been having fires in our fireplace. Yummy weather.
SharleneT said…
Custer's first stand! Too funny. Love the tour and wish I was along for the ride. That's my favorite kind of scenery. Shoulda taken the tour, I mean, after all, it's Bethlehem, and wouldn't you like to know what they do, off season?! Can't wait for Teddy's liberation. Hugs from me to her.
Barb said…
Wow! I feel like you have just taken me on a trip back to the mid-west. I grew up in Illinois and lived in Louisville and spent lots of time with my sister in Ohio!! My sister and I took a trip up to the Amish country in Northern Ohio. Thanks for the trip back- I look forward to seeing more of Zoar. Hope all goes well for Teddy tomorrow!
Marigold said…
Not to worry. That goat was probably a Nubian. Probably thought you were aliens. Come to think of it, they tend to think anything is an alien. Scio is probably full of aliens.
Loved the tour of your travels. Custer's First Stand and the Zoar Store were my favorites. Fingers crossed for Teddy's release from the cone.
Pict-ish! said…
I'd love to see towns like these, the buildings look amazing, so sad that some of the vendors could not make it :( Great pictures, hope you are all well!