Piedmonte Eggs

Just thought I would throw this pic in to show that we finally are getting good cherries. This is dangerous for me. I love cherries.

Hey Teddy, show everyone your eyes!

Ok...give me the raspberry then!

Her eyes are looking better by the day!

*Several people have asked me what this procedure costs. We took her to a major teaching hospital and they charged 1500.00 including the blood work. Interestingly, our local veterinary hospital was over 1800.00. We had no idea how complicated this surgery was going to be until they were actually in the process of doing it so I am very glad we opted for the teaching hospital. The price is a set price though, so no matter how complicated the surgery, the price remained the same.

Now to the recipe:

If you like hard boiled eggs, here is an excellent new version to add to your repertoire. My husband and The Blog Tech went a bit crazy over these. This is a French recipe from the Piedmonte area.

Boil a dozen eggs. To boil perfect eggs, place them in a pan, cover with water and bring them to a boil. As soon as they boil remove them from the heat, cover and let them sit for 12 minutes. Perfect hard boiled eggs!

In the bowl of a food processor, place 2 cups of parsley, 1 head of peeled garlic cloves, 8 tablespoons of tomato paste and 4 anchovies (more or less depending on your taste). Pulse until you have a smooth paste.

Place the puree in a bowl and whisk in 2 cups of olive oil. Or slowly add the olive oil to your food processor while it is running.

Place the eggs in a jar or a container with a cover. Place torn basil leaves between them. Pour the tomato mixture over the eggs making sure to cover all of them. After doing it this way I found it is easier to mix them all together in a bowl first and then place them in the jar and pour the extra sauce over them. Live and learn.

Remove the from the refrigerator a bit before you are ready to eat them, let them come to room temperature so the sauce becomes runny again. To serve, place them in a bowl and slice them into quarters. Serve them over crusty garlic bread and eat like bruscetta. These are simply spectacular!


Teddy is looking wonderful. I'm ready to start making thses right now. I have already boiled my eggs earlier waiting for the post. I could eat the screen just looking at these.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad Teddy is feeling better,, such a releif for you all.I know we had surgery for our little fellow, a lump removed from his head,, we were told it wasn't absolutely necessary but our fears of cancer were so great we went through with it,, thankfully it wasn't cancer but he was embarassed with a bald head for a bit,, 2000 dollars later we all felt better,, We have pickled eggs in the fridge all the time,, maybe my husband she give these a go!!
Pricilla said…
When egg production gets back to normal I will have to make these for the hubby. he will love them. I keep pickled eggs in the 'fridge for him but I think he will like these better
Suzie said…
Wow! I thought that Teddy's eyes were looking better just a day or two ago, and am now seeing a great improvement from that day! She is really coming right along! It warms my heart that she won't have scratchy eyes anymore, and will be able to enjoy looking at her world again.

What an interesting recipe! I can hear my Hubs now, questioning what on earth I'm doing. until he tastes it! He should have learned to never question me by now. .sigh. . .
Anonymous said…
I once had a dog that needed eye surgery (she had some kind of tumor on her eye lid) so I know how awfully expensive it is, but what doesn´t we do for our friends :-) I´m so happy that Teddy is getting better!

I´ve never seen this egg dish before! Looks interesting so I might try it when autumn arrives :-)

Have a great day!
Teddy's eyes are looking better and better. Bless her redheaded fluffy self!

Love this egg recipe. I'm sure I will love it.

Happy day.

xoxo to Teddy is Healing!
Barb said…
So glad to see Teddy making such good progress! Just have to share my joy with a fall-Halloween lover! We had to pick up a frame at Michaels today and saw PUMPKINS! the fake kind of course. Then we saw several Halloween items. I'm not a big fan of Micheals Halloween stuff but it does give hope that fall is really going to come!!
teddy is looking REALLY ALOT better....good girl teddy !!!

i love cherries too...i got a HUGE box of rainier at trader jo's...

dangerous here too...

i may have to try the eggs for john...he would love them....

i did a drive by on Michaels..i didn't see any scarecrows...yet.

happy to stop by today...even if we are late !!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Save me a bowl. LOL I LOVE Rainier Cherries. Teddy is looking good. I'm glad she's recovering nicely. We eat lots of eggs in our house, but never had them with a tomato sauce. Sounds interesting.
oldblackcatboo said…
The cost of the surgery and Teddy's eyes remind me of the VISA commercial where they show the amounts of things and end up with "priceless".
Yep, Teddy feeling and seeing better...priceless!
:D - Cindi
Anonymous said…
Glad Teddy is doing better. I live only 40 miles from our State University with a teaching vet hospital, and they are very good.