A Shopping Trip

I must be ready for my Fall trip to New England because I have been craving clams and chowder. I went to the fish market yesterday and bought some clams and scallops. Teddy almost took off one of my fingers while eating her clams. She is ready for the Fall trip too!

On the way out I noticed that my tree peony pods are about to open.

And look what the drought did to my ornamental evergreen? It is leaning far backwards.

It is supposed to match the other one.

I love shopping in the old Italian section of town. It's a bit rundown looking but I love the stores.

Everywhere 'slices' are offered for sale.

And I love that they paint the old brick and plaster walls to dress the place up a bit.

It's a good place to buy cheap flowers.

The sunflowers are available now.

People sit on the sidewalks in front of all of the cafes from first thing in the morning until late into the night.

It is also the best place to buy inexpensive spices.

And any kind of pasta you can imagine.

All sorts of couscous and rice and lentils.

Another painted wall.

I have no idea!

Fresh fruit and vegetables at the cheapest prices.

And just about any kind of fresh fish you could possibly want.

I bought Alaskan sockeye salmon.

And I am going to cook them on cedar planks.

Crawfish for your gumbo!

And alligator.....The Blog Tech loves alligator.

I, on the other hand, love escargot.

However, I would die if someone dropped me in one of these tanks.

I am deathly afraid of fish.

Not so much lobsters.....they are too yummy!

I passed on this because I knew the employees would hate me if I pushed the red button.

These bags will all be gone by noon.

Click to enlarge. This is the place to buy just about anything you want. Even awful offal's.

But there are lots of things that are hard to resist.

And the Asian stores are bigger than my grocery store.

There is not much you can't find in them.


I would kill to have someplace this wonderful to shop. Lucky you!
WOW! A dream come true foodie place. Thank you for sharing.

xoxo to Teddy Clam Fluffs
wow...look at all that stuff...what a great market..loved seeing all of it !!! flowers, fish, spices, chicken wings....alligatore..and escargots... what a selection !!!!

my problem would be those PIZZA SLICES !!! my desert island food of choice...besides Klondike bars

loved the tour...

kary and l'il teddy
Pricilla said…
I would love to have shops like that around here....*sigh*
Amish Stories said…
Looks like with that coat "Teddy" is all ready for the fall and winter. Richard
Guillaume said…
I love those kinds of shopping trips in those kinds of markets, when you have time to buy things and feel "close" to the food.
Mina said…
Wow! What wonderful shops you have browsed. I can't blame Teddy for nearly biting your hand...clams are so yummy!
YUMMY! I want to come there to shop. We LOVE fresh seafood. Looks like you have an abudance of it.
SharleneT said…
We have something similar, here, and it's always such a wonderful feeling to shop and know that everything is so well cared-for. The butcher is the only one I could get to save me beef fat for tallow rendering, and the beef hearts. The Food Liion man said he couldn't grind a beef heart for me because the bones would break his machine. It's not like I asked him to separate my eggs! But, it looks like you have far more stores to browse through than we do. Can't wait to see this recipe!
Barb said…
That looks like a fun place to shop!! I could not resist the flowers or spices! I feel so sad for your tree! However, Teddy's eyes look great.
Amish Stories said…
I try to go to a market like in your images, and i think the Amish sell the better produce compared to a reg super market. Richard from Amish Stories.
Anonymous said…
Hi, oh I wish I could shop in your town. It looks absolutely wonderful. We haven't got many stores in our town and we only have the normal supermarkets and they don't sell special things. I love foreign foods and it's hard not to be able to get those things here. One of the supermarkets has theme weeks now and then. They sell certain things from all kinds of countries. I really love those weeks. They are not often, but next week is a 1001 nights week and we can buy all kinds of Turkish and Marrocan spices, beans, couscous and pastry.
Have a magical day.