Still Working

This was two days worth of garbage. I told you I am busting my butt!

This is one of the guest rooms. It has my son's old bunk beds in it.

And one of the doll houses.

I used to have my children's portraits done every year when they were young.

This is his old desk and still has some of his toys on it.

When I was pregnant with my son, I made him a set of blocks. Click on the pics for a closer look.

My husband cut and sanded the blocks for me and then I painted all of them. My kids loved playing with them when they were small.

I thought I would post better pics of the pyrography chest since so many of you were interested in it.

Pyrography is the art of wood burning and this artist sure knew what he was doing. Click to enlarge so you can see the witch mixing up her brew.

I have never made out what this monogram is but if you look closely, that is a toad surrounding it.

Enlarge this and you will see the devil and the imps that are in the smoke from her cauldron.

There is an elaborate lizard on both sides of the chest.

Look closely and you will see some bugs and such.

Here is her mortar and pestle and some of her ingredients. That is a snake under the cauldron.

Here is one of the WC's.

It still has the original mud slip floor. It also has the original cast iron tub.

Time to clean mirrors. I didn't notice how bad they were until I put up the photos. I love these pieces. There is one at the bottom of each set of stairs. These were handmade buy a gentleman from the Lake Placid area where I bought them. He uses shelf fungus from trees and pine cones in his pieces.

This is one of the fireplaces.

This is the other piece he made. Everything is stuff he finds in the forest.

This is my daughter's bedroom.

This is the only room with a TV.

I need one more pillow for the bed.

This is her old doll house and the bear is actually a footstool.

*Still a few more rooms to go before I'm done but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


what a GREAT tour !!!! loved all of it...those blocks that you made...they are darling....what a them....loved seeing everything....that's a whole lotta trash out there on the curb !!!!

love the things the man makes from the forest...

are you getting any irene???

kary and l'il teddy
Nadine A. said…
Wow again your guest house is absolutely amazing. That chest is beautiful. I would love to learn how to do something like that. Good luck on the rest of the rooms. =)
Loved the pictures. Loved the handmade blocks, the ants, LOL, you are such a great Mom.

Loved the close ups of the check. It is a beauty, such detail. I love toads. ❤ I love lots of things. : )

xoxo to Teddy Pumpkin Fluffs

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Anonymous said…
That first doll house is magnificent! The second one isn´t bad in any way either :-)
I do like that pyrography chest too! That artist sure knew what he was doing! and You already know I love that house :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I love the chest with the old witch. And the doll's house looks like an haunted house, is it intentional?
Jennifer Rose said…
love this house :D looks so comfy and welcoming :)
Anonymous said…
wow, wow, wow, thats all I can say,,, that and ,, YOU CAN PAINT, you said you wanted to paint like me and all the while you can,, good for you!!
I hate that you are working so hard, but I'm certainly enjoying the photos. I love the blocks you made.
Those painted blocks are adorable!
Pricilla said…
Looks stunning. I adore the blocks - how precious.
What a beautiful house! The blocks you painted are lovely.
petoskystone said…
sweet tour:) the blocks are lovely. what amazes me is that your children didn't destroy them playing! ;) the woodburner did an excellent job, indeed, on the snake & that chameleon.