Teddy Pooped!

I know this fact probably doesn't excite anyone but us, but after a week, this is a big deal. You know how I always tell you about how chows won't poop in their houses, kennels, yards, neighborhoods....on and on? Well, for the first time since surgery, my husband took Teddy to the park this morning. The first thing she did was find the highest grass, out of modesty, and she pooped!!! What a relief for all of us. Haha...when you are locked in one room for 24 hours a day for a week, this is cause for celebration! So, life is a bit back to normal.

Using yesterday's Lammas bread, I made the guys BLT's. This bread slices wonderfully.

Just the regular traditional BLT.

Except my husband hates mayo so he wanted cheddar on his. How ghastly! How can one hate mayonnaise?

This is the perfect sandwich bread. I made a 'mater sandwich using local tomatoes and mayo on this bread and it was heavenly!


Pricilla said…
Yay for Teddy!

I am with you on the mayo. Who can hate mayo?
Suzanne said…

Way to go Teddy!
Kimmie said…
Good job Teddy!!! I only wish my three dachshunds shared the same high standards~~~their motto seems to be "go whenever and wherever the urge strikes"~~~~blasted weiners!!!!
Anonymous said…
thats a good sandwich,, lots of bacon just the way we like it!!I can relate to Teddy's pooping story,, been through the same kind of sitiuation with our buck,,its a very big deal after surgery for dogsor cats too get things back to normal,, once the cone is off you all will be happier too.(our dog did his pooping in th etall grass too, or off in the bush,, such a clean boy he was,,never in ours or anyone elses yard and never on the road,,very polite boy he was,,just as Teddy is,,
go teddy !!! that a girl...

the sandwich looks killer...i am making these TONIGHT !!!!

and one more thing...i finally have met someone else that doesn't like mayo !!! people always give me a funny look when i order any sandwich dry...and i especially get the hot eye when i order a BURGER DRY !!! they are always asking...you mean..nothing at all..nothing ? yep. nothing.

been like that since i was a kid !!!

looks like Teddy is on the road back !!!! happy to hear it


kary and l'il teddy
Robin Larkspur said…
Moved and relieved!!!
Nothing better than a "mater" sandwich with LOTS of mayo, salt and pepper. I don't need the other stuff.
Danni said…
Way to go, Teddy!

I'm with you all the way on the BLT, how can you have one without the mayo? It's sacrilege!
Rosemary said…
Glad Teddy is recovering nicely from surgery and complications LOL.
Aren't BLTs the best especially in tomato season.. but no Mayo that should be a crime!
Good for Teddy, I know she feels better, and you relax a bit. Hope her healing is on or above schedule.

BLT's mmmm......

xoxo for Teddy Get Well Soon.
What a relief Teddy. That's the way to GO girl. I confess... I only eat Miracle Whip, or something I whip up, no mayo. Am I bad or what? This is the second photo of a BLT I've seen today. You know I'm going to have to make one now. Yours looks DELICIOUS.
Candace said…
My FAV sand! I just bought bacon yesterday in hopes we have ripe tomatoes soon! I'm so happy to hear that Teddy's surgery and time in doggy hospital went well! He's a fighter - and pretty handsome even through his black little eyes right now ;>)
Barb said…
Now that I'm home, I have more time to comment on blogs and I'm SO HAPPY that Teddy is doing well. I come from a long line of dog lovers so I know how hard it is when they have a problem!! Way to go Teddy!
SharleneT said…
Oh, what a relief! So glad Teddy was able to poop. That's a major win after surgery... major. And, that's an incredible sandwich. I'm still trying to work out how you married a man who hated mayo -- that's un-American... I'm not even sure I can wrap my mind around that... sloppy mayo is what the sandwich is all about -- like Burger Kings used to be, sloppy and drippy and just plain good. I'll pray for him... Hugs to Teddy.
Autumnforest said…
Your hubby is daft! I wouldn't look a gift BLT in the mouth.
Suzie said…
Any of us who have furbabies know just how important that is for them to have all systems functioning correctly again! Yay for Teddy!!! That is great news!!

That sandwich looks SO good! When I was little, I didn't like mayo either, having to have Miracle Whip on my sandwiches. .probably because that is what my Mom used regularly, anyway. But my one Grammie always used mayo, and not wanting to hurt her feelings, I would eat it. and lo and behold, I began to like it! Now you've made me hungry for a BLT. . .
Mina said…
Yay for Teddy! What a victory.

Your sandwiches look mouthwatering though I am with you...no mayo? ;-)
I nearly fell on the floor on this one.. the heading.."Teddy Pooped" and photo's of sandwiches.. :)

I have never heard of Lammas bread..but it looks wonderful. I think I am traveling in the wrong company..or maybe it's just California. The West Coast you know..
I have someone in my family that does not like Mayo too. Odd. I even make my toasted cheese sandwiches with it instead of butter sometimes.