Sorry I am behind on posts. Teddy has been rather bored so we decided to take her on a couple of day trips!

This is boredom personified!

And this is what she has to say to me for snapping 'cone' photos!

The evil puppy stare. Why did you do this to me mama?

Another yawn coming on.

At least you could give me a treat since I am letting you take these photos.

I might be bored but I am still a hungry puppy.

Hey mama...why don't you take me somewhere fun? I can negotiate with this plastic tunnel that surrounds me.

Or I could just sleep some more.

I've never been so bored in my entire puppy life.

As Jimmy Hendrix sang.....There must be some kinda way outta here....


I did take the puppy out and about and I will post the trips starting tomorrow!

Hang in there Teddy...Tuesday is cone removal!


tuesday...PLEASE HURRY and get here FAST !!!!!!!
edenhills said…
As boring and difficult as this is for her, I'm sure she's much happier without the constant irritation. Can't wait to see where you took her!

Like most things that are "for your own good," it's really no fun at all.
SharleneT said…
Makes me think of that old song, "So Tired," but can't remember the singer. It will soon be over, Teddy, and you'll thank your Mama for taking such good care of you.
Guillaume said…
Teddy looks like Frankenstein's dog with that thing on.
Moncha said…
Oh poor Teddy, hang in there !! Just a few more days.
Our dog Charlie says hey and she wants you to know that she's thinking of you !!
Pricilla said…
Teddy is looking much more lively!
Autumnforest said…
Yeah, nothing like wearing a cone when it's hot out. Poor lamb. She will be soooooo crazy when they take if off. I bet she becomes a perky pup.
Poor Teddy! But it isn´t long now until that awful cone will be gone for good :-)

Have a great day!
Rosemary said…
LOL Thanks for the smile.
Truth is more interesting than fiction. Life is full of stories.

Thank you, for sharing.

xoxo to the Recovering Teddy
Farmchick said…
Poor Teddy...you know she is tired of the cone.
Suzie said…
I can hardly wait to see where you went! You always have such interesting photos and stories to share!

Teddy, my dear, I'm SO sorry that you are bored, but you are looking SO much better! All of that rest is helping you heal super fast, and Tuesday will be here before you know it!
Marigold said…
Teddy is coming along famously! How in the world do you ever manage to bathe a dog with that much hair?????
Mina said…
Teddy is doing so well, boredom aside. I know it will be a happy day for all on Tuesday.
Barb said…
Poor Teddy!!!Those pictures remind me of how I feel while getting my picture taken! Glad she gets that collar off soon.
Tuesday will be here before you know it Teddy. Hang in there.
Kallan said…
She looks so much better! Yay for Tuesday!
petoskystone said…
bored or melting from the 3Hs (heat,humidity,hazy)?