To The Country

Though I am a city girl, I dream of living in the country. I have always wanted a small farm. And a tractor. I have a thing for machinery. I could do major damage with my own little Bobcat.

We took Teddy and headed to the country for the day to get her out of the house and to see if anything "FALL" was available yet.

We hit one of my favorite farm markets.

It is in a cute little rural area.

This was all they had in the way of flowers. I was hoping for mums.

They told me I was about 2 weeks too early.

They had watermelons where I hoped to see pumpkins.

In two weeks I hope I will be seeing orange!

They had wonderful local peaches and I bought some to make a peach kuchen.

And they had their first apples.....SCORE!

An apple pie is in the near future!

Teddy waited patiently outside. Click for a close up.

Teddy hears something.

It's mama!!!

Hi cone head!

Teddy loved seeing the "big puppies"! She cried because she wanted them so bad.

The hay has been harvested.

The "Psycho" house.

I just want a little farm house on top of that hill.

And some "big puppies" for Teddy to terrorize.

I came home with some local sweet onions.

And some of the Ginger Gold apples.

White and bi-color local corn.

Another score...more Ancient Sweet peppers. They have already been roasted and lots have been eaten.

Local braided garlic.

Fresh new potatoes.

And one of my favorites! Amish hulless popcorn. It is the best!

More coming up on the other day trip. Tomorrow is Teddy's check up and the cone should be gone. Hallelujah!!! The Blog Tech is supposed to do a guest blog from the hospital.


Pricilla said…
Yay for Teddy being coneless!

I will have to investigate hulless popcorn. I eat a LOT of popcorn and I hate the hulls!
loved every delicious moment...loved seeing the rural countryside... i could see a little farmhouse on the top of that hill too...loved seeing the farmstand...and all the great stuff you scored !!!!

apple pie time !!!

Tomorrow is Teddy's BIG DAY !!!!!!

Go Teddy !!!!!

sending love and best wishes for Teddy tomorrow !!!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Robin Larkspur said…
If you squint your eyes, those onions kinda look like little white pumpkins. Great to hear Teddy is getting the cone off, guess that means the stitches are coming out? Her ordeal is almost done.
I love driving tractors, don't often get the chance, but love it when I do. Our pumpkins are 1/2 size this year as are our potatoes but at least we have some. Apples are poor but edible. Teddy will be happy to get rid of that monstrosity C'est la vie. Diane
Anonymous said…
It's great to be out in the country, isn't it. Here in The Netherlands the mums are slowely appearing in the shops. It's a lot coller here, so maybe that is why they are already in the shops. People are harvesting their pumpkins too. We have a pumpkin patch nearby. I must go and have a look soon.
You have bought a lot of nice produce. It looks wonderful. I never heard of the Amish pop corn. We only have the normal here.
Have a magical day and good luck to Teddy !!!
Suzie said…
Yesterday, I went to my local favorite fresh produce market & nursery, and much to my delight, saw long table after table full of MUMS!! I kept telling Hubs that there might be some, but he thought not. .I was SO excited, I went back to the car and got him, so that he could see that beautiful sight too! (He especially loves the yellow ones. .I love the rusty oranges, deep oranges and dark maroon) The pumpkins can't be far behind!!

The foods that you got look SO good, and you saw some beautiful scenery! I'm sure that it did all of you good to have a day to get away for a bit. I'm sending tons of good energy Teddy's way!
Stop rushing the season! I still haven't gotten my pears yet. Still knee deep in tomatoes.Those roasted peppers are to die for. I'm making a second batch tomorrow. Teddy will be so happy tomorrow she will be running all over the place.
Looks like you scored lots of good stuff. And Teddy looked happy to be out and about. We have MUMS here and some of the stores are showing ceramic pumpkins and pumpkin spice candles. I'm with you. That spot on the hill looks like the perfect spot to settle.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the lovely tour, thats lovely farm land, great market as well, the apples at least are a hint of fall, beautiful produce,, I'm so glad the cone comes off tomorrow,, I found myself thinking of Teddy yesterday, our dog had one on for a while ,,it was not easy,, our dog is long gone now but I still keep him in my heart,, best of luck tomorrow,,
Anonymous said…
Great that the cone will be gone tomorrow. You´ll have a very, very happy Teddy :-) :-)

The only thing missing in my life is a tractor :-) But I have no place to have it unfortunately. But it sure would be nice to have one :-)

What is hulles popcorn? What is different from the normal ones. Well I guess we can buy only one or perhaps two different kinds so I have nothing to compare with to be honest :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Jennifer Rose said…
love that "psycho" house :D and teddy looks a lot happier!
Hibiscus Moon said…
your photos never cease to put a smile on my face. Teddy looks great!
Very nice country visit. I had fun.

Loved the "big puppies" and I think Teddy enjoyed being out and about. She is looking so good, healing nicely.

Thanks for sharing.

xoxo to Teddy Country Girl
Anonymous said…
I'm sure Teddy will be very happy to get rid of the cone. I don't think Teddy would like the reaction she got from those big puppies.

Jennifer said…
Don't worry, fall is not too far away. Where did the summer go? Not that I will miss all the 100+ degree days we have had this year. The peppers and other fruits and vegetables look good. It was a tough year for gardens here.