Turkish Roasted Peppers

Claudia at A Seasonal Cook In Turkey posted these peppers the other day. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to make them. Stop by Claudia's blog for a real treat. I love all of her recipes! I have always thought of roasted peppers as more of a condiment but these are so good I could eat the whole platter.

Try to find the long thin sweet peppers as opposed to red bell peppers. If you can't find them, use any kind of peppers you like. (I am still taking blurry photos. I hope this corrects itself when I finally get some sleep!)

Cut each pepper in half, remove the green stem and remove the seeds and veins.

You want them to look like the one on the left.

Place them cut side down on a cookie sheet.

Sprinkle them with freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt.

Place them in the oven and turn the oven to 400 degrees. I placed them in the oven as it preheated so the tops would become charred. Roast them for about 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, remove them from the oven and drizzle each pepper with olive oil.

Then drizzle them with balsamic vinegar. I only had a balsamic glaze so I used some of it and some white balsamic vinegar. Return them to the oven for another 20 minutes.

While they continue to roast, finely dice about 5 cloves of garlic.

You really want the garlic to be minced.

Remove the peppers and let them cool for a bit. Then peel off the skins and slice them in thin strips. If a bit of the skin remains that is alright.

Place them on a platter and pour the olive oil from the cookie sheet over them. Sprinkle with the minced garlic.

My husband loved these so much he made a sandwich with them.

I will never by another jar of roasted peppers. I can not even describe how good these are. All I can tell you is, run to the store, buy some peppers and make these immediately!

My peppers come packaged like this and are called Ancient Sweets.

Thank you forever Claudia! These are on my permanent cooking list. I am dreaming of a future trip to Turkey because of your blog and your wonderful stories and recipes!


brokenteepee said…
Hmmm, if I could cut peppers and still breathe I would try them. But I rather like breathing.....
Anonymous said…
That looks so great. I will have a look at her blog too.
Fortunately they sell these kind of peppers here in The Netherlands too. I really love them, they are so much sweeter.
Have a magical day.
Anonymous said…
Those peppers are becoming rather common over here now days so I think I´ll buy some next time I see them. I also need some balsamic vinegar, something I rarely use otherwise to be honest :-)

Have a great day!
I found these peppers even in Kentucky. Got some yesterday. This looks so simple and delish. I'll make a batch tomorrow.

For those of you that have not made the Piedmont Eggs from yesterday. You are missing a real treat.
Suzie said…
What a simple recipe, and yet it looks SO good! This is something that my Hubs is going to love. He is really good about trying new things that I tell him are good to eat! I'll bet that they taste so much better than the roasted peppers that you get in the jar! And it is that time of year, when the local Farmer's markets and stands are going to be flooded with peppers. Yum! Thanks!!
i LOVE these peppers !!!

did your house smell like a jack o' lantern was buring when these were in the oven ???


kary and l'il teddy
Guillaume said…
Something to ear on a hot summer day.
Hi Joyce,
I haven't seen these, but you bet I am going to search for them..
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Hi dear J,

Nope, don't claw out my eyes, but it is cool here and we had rain last night so we lit a big fire. Deliciously wonderful and we deserve it!!!!


Sharon by the big beautiful sea
Unknown said…
What a huge compliment you have paid me, Joyce! I am so glad you were inspired by the roasted pepper recipe - yours have turned out brilliantly, I see!!
BTW your collection of witches sounds intriguing! :))
Avalonschild said…
I couldn't find the sweet peppers you used so I used regular red peppers and OMG!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you. We are in LOVE. I also made a sandwich out of them tell you hubby thanks for the idea it was DELISH! I love your blog!