What I bought at the Fair

I already had her! Teddy's hair is growing back around her eyes.

I bought this sign in Zoar. And no, I did not put the meaning together until I got it home. I was thinking more of my garden than of Eden. So, I will just leave it that way!

This sign I understood immediately!

My favorite Shagbark Hickory syrup. The guy even gave me a cookbook!

My favorite redware people had Halloween and Fall!

One of the booths had the cutest little birds.

I had to get this bucket.

I always buy maple syrup wherever I go.

I bought these at an Amish farm stand for 1.00 each.

I added a new found blog to my sidebar. So, if you like things Amish, check it out. It is written by a guy that has close contact with the Amish and they let him photograph them. It is called Amish Stories.

A new addition from Michaels.

A Halloween lantern.


i am getting in the car and leaving for michaels....LOVE LOVE LOVE that lantern..what a winner !!!!

and do i see some familiar looking things there, my friend? i think i do

loved seeing everything...
kary and l'il teddy
Guillaume said…
Oh I love the lantern/luminary and the plate with the pumpkin and scarecrows. Where can I find all these things here?
Anonymous said…
So nice to see that Teddy is getting back her hair so quickly!

I must admit that I didn´t get what that first sign meant :-)

I do like that redware! I guess it is ravens around that pumpkin.

And those lanterns are just fantastic!

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
Now I want a watermelon. Ours are growing slowly but surely
Nice finds! Like the pumpkin bucket especially.
Suzie said…
SO many neat things!!! I can totally understand why you bought them all! I got a huge laugh when I saw your latest lantern from Michaels, because I bought the very same one last week. It was either the last one on the shelf, or the first one. .they were just putting out their Halloween merchandise. Have you tried it in a darkened room yet?

I had a chuckle just moments before, when I saw the sign of arrows pointing to all neat Fall treats, because when I saw it in your previous post, I thought, "I bet she buys one of those!"

The Redware bowl is especially nice too, as is that bucket and sweet little birdie.

I too buy handmade maple syrup whenever I can find it, but I've never seen Shagbark Hickory syrup. It sounds intriguing!

Teddy looks wonderful!! I'm SO happy that everything went well for her. Now she can enjoy Autumn with wild abandon!!
Autumnforest said…
Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! I love the plate and the bird carving. Very very folk art. I'm in such an autumn mood!!!
came back to look and feast my eyes one more time..and TEDDY looks GREAT !!!!!
Loving that redware. I need to buy me some. It's to die for. Teddy you look marvelous, just marvelous.
~ Jayne ~ said…
Splendid seasonal acquisitions!Never heard of hickory syrup before : how do you use it? I covet the quaint lantern : hope Michael's has one left for me! Glad to see Teddy looking chipper : must be those fortifying McMuffins!
Anonymous said…
I love the signs~very cute. So nice to see Teddy's eyes and hair growing back and no cone!

Barb said…
I think I'll go to Michael 's tomorrow. I have always wanted a lantern with the silhouettes. A great find. Love the sign and bucket too. Teddy looks great.
Nice finds! Glad Teddy is doing well.
petoskystone said…
awesome finds! (even at michaels) pleased that teddys' looking fine.
AlphaBetsy said…
Absolutely beautiful!! Great finds.
Anonymous said…
So many wonderful things. I love the little lantern. The dishware is gorgeous.
They sell maple syrup here in The Netherlands, but it is quite expensive. We had a Canadian guest a few months ago, wo walked in a liberation march closeby. She stayed with us for three days and we received a wonderful tin with maple syrup and some maple syrup fudge. We were ever so happy with those gifts.
Have a magical day.
Marigold said…
Love all your purchases, but most especially that red ware bowl! Love the Michael's lantern too! Teddy is looking fabulous. Hope you are cooling off.
Jennifer Rose said…
glad to see teddy's fur is growing back fine :) really like that lantern :) never too early for halloween stuff to be out :)
Rue said…
The redware & the votive make me so happy! Great haul!
GardenGeek said…
Love all the stuff, and Teddy looks like she is on the mend.
I work in Lebanon county, and often I am the only non-Amish/Old Order Mennonite person around!
You should check out Bill Coleman's pictures on his website.