Zoar and More

Teddy watching for her Dada to bring her an Egg McMuffin.

Gorgeous shaker boxes....sorry for the blur! Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

I am such a sucker for Raggedy Ann and Andy's.

These signs were in the antiques tent.

An old crocheted baby's dress.


Yellow ware dogs.

This Yellow ware is also called spongeware and this type is called seaweed. It is highly collectible and very expensive. The pitcher on the top right cost 650.00.

I wish I had a place for these shutters. And the bench.

I didn't notice these bread boards until I posted this pic. I would have come home with one if I had. Nice butter churn too.

This guy sells hickory bark syrup which I love. He makes it the same way it was made by the Native Americans.

Is this guy buying popcorn to feed his lemur? Click for a better look.

On the way home we spotted another Amish buggy. Look how cute these kids are.

If you click to enlarge this photo you will see something hanging in the buggy which was a big surprise to me. What is it with kids these days?!!! ( You have to really enlarge this to see it but they have fuzzy dice hanging in the buggy! )

And look who is coneless!!!!

She sure is a happy girl!

It is as if nothing ever happened.

Cone? What cone?

So that is what you look like mama! I can see so much better now!


Adsila said…
I want to be there!
Pricilla said…
Aaaaah, pretty Teddy!
Anonymous said…
I´m so happy to see cute Teddy without the awful cone!

Fuzzy dice in a buggy :-) :-) :-) No I wouldn´t have expected that either :-)

So many things I would have wanted to buy on that market! The old signs for instance and I do like the Yellow ware to the left in that photograph, but I guess that wasn´t especially cheap either :-) :-) :-)

I´ve never even heard of Hickory bark syrup! To me it sounds both bitter and sweet at the same time :-) But I have heard about Birch syrup over here, now I only have to find a place that sells it :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Rue said…
Yay for no cone! Teddy knows that the cone intereferes with her gorgeous features. She's so fab!

Love the yelloware. Looks like a wonderful trip!
Coneless Teddy! Yaaay! :)
What wonderful wares for sale in Zoar. I LOVE Raggedy Anns too. I used to have one sitting in my car. What a cute lemur. I didn't know they liked popcorn. Interesting about the fuzzy dice in the buggy. TEDDY the cone is history. You LOOK marvelous. Everything must be so clear now. Take care.
gosh teddy looks so great !!! happy to see it...loved everything...the yelloware, i LOVE those shutters and that bench...great breadboards...love those...i used to have one...where did that go...???? hummmm. weird..how can you lose a breadboard ?

i used to have a little cart just litke the little red one with the pumpkins in it...mine was dark green...lost that too...where did that go? man..that move from cambria took it's toll !!!!

great post !!!

kary and l'il teddy
Anonymous said…
awww, this is such a great post, love the photos of the sponge wear and the shaker boxes, the bread boards,, I still have my nanas, the amish buggy, this just looks like our town,, really beautiful post and the best part is Teddy in all her beauty coming down the drivew to meet her mama, just wonderful,, so glad its over.I'm embarassed to admitt I was thinking about the surgery coming up,, my little guy is gone now but we had a couple scares such as this,, its not easy,,,it brought back the heavy concern,, Teddy is a real champ! I think it was harder on you!
Chowz Creations said…
Teddy sure is looking fluffy and pretty! She probably wanted you to buy her the lemur ..... lol. Imagine the fun she'd have chasing the lemur thru your gardens. I've seen the Amish around this area with boom-boxes in the buggies and I have seen some dice. Quite amusing. So glad your girl is healing up nicely, growing her fur back, and coneless!!! Good thing she has such a great mama and papa to care for her.
Wizardess said…
Yay yay yay for coneless Teddy!
She looks wonderful. I know everyone is feeling better.

Teddy has a very good Momma and Dada....and family.

Happy weekend.
Tammy said…
All Hail Teddy the Coneless!
Barb said…
It is great seeing such nice antiques! I could have spent some serious money there! Have you ever seen Bill Coleman's Amish photos? He has several of Amish children. The story is that he found a remote Amish village in Penn. and contributed quite a bit to their clinic. So when it came to photographing their children, they sort of just turned their backs. I'm sure you can find him online. Well worth taking a look. Teddy looks wonderful!!!
Danni said…
I *love* old farm signs..but I LOVE Teddy more. Yay for being coneless. I just want to give her a big hug.
And, um, can I just say...nice cars!! (esp the one in the front, just sayin'..)
Mel Mel said…
Thanks for sharing your trip! It really is starting to feel like fall. Of course, here in WA, we haven't really had summer yet. But I'm looking forward to the autumn leaves and crisp air and putting out the pumpkins.

Glad to see Teddy doing so great! Lucy says she's even prettier than ever and sends her a big kiss! :-)
Amish Stories said…
greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.
Suzie said…
My Hub's Mother was Amish, so he lived in an Amish community down in Indiana until he was an adult. We make trips down there every so often to go antiquing, shop, and have lunch at a Mennonite restaurant where the locals eat. GOOD food!

We've seen the fuzzy dice too, along with other modifications on buggies. .he says that in most families, the teenagers have their own buggies, and until they actually join the church, the parents, for the most part, look the other way, and offer little guidance in dealing with the outside world.

Didn't you miss buying something that you wanted, last year, that you later saw in your photos? Was it a breadboard? Maybe that is part of your tradition!

Teddy sure bounced back beautifully! No doubt due to all of the TLC she received from her family. I'm sure those first days didn't fly by for you, or her, but that is thankfully, all history now. Welcome back Teddy! Now that she is feeling spunky and looks SO good, she wants to go cruising in Mama's car!
Anonymous said…
What a lovely trip. I love all the pictures. The Amish buggy is great, dice and all ; )
Have a magical day.