Are You Sick of the Country Living Fair Yet?

Funny redware bowls.

There was a lot of really unique clothing for sale and those booths were packed.

I know a few people who I could have bought this sign for.

For the cowgirl in all of us! Hey, I have a pair of cowgirl boots!

More fun furniture.

What a cool look.

Love these!

This is where they do all of the cooking demonstrations.

Green cream.

What a perfect setting for a fair.

Cute little areas for dining are set up everywhere.

You can even eat under a wisteria covered pergola.

Ghost gourds in the trees.

Lots of pumpkins were offered.

Another cute place to eat.

I loved this booth. By using black scarecrows and cutouts and black mulch, they were able to create the perfect Halloween look.

They even created a haunted house exterior. How creative. The name of the booth: Too Far Gone

I might have to hunt down black mulch!


Barbara F. said…
Nope, not tired yet, this event requires strength training (on my part) to explore all of it, I might just have to take a trip to see this in person. I had fun going through some of your older posts, only problem is now I am craving those chili dogs and macaroni salad! oh, and piece of that caramel apple pie :) xo
Pricilla said…
I have cowgirl boots too. Very well worn....

If you get a goat you can acquire black mulch. Bwahahaha
Anonymous said…
I'm not tired of them yet,, the chances of me ever seeing anything like this are slim to none so I really enjoy this.Its more personal a take on it than the magazine,, much more colorful and interesting commentary as well,
Marjorie said…
I will never tire of it though I have a hard time controlling my jealousy--wish I could go!
love seeing it all....not tired of it either....

tastebud cafe...too cute !!!

and i LOVED those gourd ghosts...

lots of Fun there

kary and l'il teddy
Ashling said…
Wow...this is just so muchto see; would love to go in person but you've given us a great taste of it!
Chrissykat said…
Tired of it??? No no no no no!!!! This is the most fantastic fair that I've never been to! I love the photos and feel like I'm there....and I'd love to have soooo many of the wonderful treasures that I see. Autumn Rules!
Birgit said…
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Anonymous said…
No can´t say I´m tired of it yet, I love it :-)

Have a great day!
Those redware bowls in the first photo would make terrific popcorn bowls.
LuLu Kellogg said…
I have loved seeing all these pictures! I am especially fond of all the colorful petticoats in one of those pictures!

We have black mulch and I love it. What a cool booth with the black cutouts!
Sugar said…
nope. I love living through you my dear!
Barb said…
No where near tired of the great pictures!!
Guillaume said…
Not tired of the pics, but tired of not being there.
AlphaBetsy said…
The booth with the cowboy boots is where I bought my arm warmers and train case, but somehow I did not get a good photo of the booth. You got a great one. :)
I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Did you get a card with contact information from the booth with the face bowls? I LOVE them.
Lois said…
You have inspired me to search out my own country fairs here in southern Ontario.
Marigold said…
Nope, not tired. Just dying to see what you came home with! :)
Amy said…
I love the funky redware bowls and other Halloween goodies. The fair looks like so much fun, I wish I was there.
Lizz Clements said…
That's so idyllic. I wish I could go. Too far for me, though.
Charlie said…
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