BBQ Beef Pasta A Great Football Dish

Hmmmm....not a very appealing photo. It's sort of washed out looking but believe me this is good stuff. Guys always love this too so it is perfect to serve up for game days.

Melt some bacon fat and oil in a heavy pot.

Dry off some braising beef. Use paper towels to soak up any moisture.

Dice 2 large onions.

Brown the meat in the hot oil until it is heavily browned. I forgot to dry the meat and had trouble browning my meat. Don't make the same mistake.

After the meat is browned, you should have a nice brown crust on the bottom of your pan. Add the diced onions.

Immediately de glace the pan with 1/2 cup of white vinegar, scraping the bottom of the pan to release all of the brown crust. Add 2 large cans of crushed tomatoes, 1 cup of dark brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, 6 tablespoons of chili powder and a teaspoon of liquid smoke. Add salt and pepper to taste.

It looks like a lot of chili powder but all of the flavors merge together to create a wonderful sauce.

Submerge the meat into the sauce. Apparently I am having a very off camera day!

Add the collected juices too.

It all adds to the flavor.

Cover the pot and cook at 275 degrees for 3-4 hours.

The Blog Tech was here to help!

He comes in handy sometimes.

Though he is a bit goofy.

He played a pivotal roll in this recipe. The pot lifter!

He was so proud of himself.

The meat is ready when you can shred it with two forks.

Boil some pasta. Wide egg noodles are best, but I was out, so I used spiral pasta.

Drain the pasta and add the meat sauce to it.

This is like the best BBQ you have ever had, served with pasta.

You could skip the pasta and serve it on rolls too. And it looks much better than my photos show.

Teddy was eating while I was finishing the pasta dish.

She gets her cutting board alongside her bowl because she loves to lick the juice off of the cutting board.

There is a face attached to that body.

She licks the cutting board so hard....

...that it travels around the room. She sure likes her food!

9/11 and the first football game....the sad and the sweet!

Comments is the sad and the sweet....

the pasta dish looks great...i love seeing the blog tech and teddy...l'il teddy has a cutting board that looks just like that !!!!!

making pasta for the game day here too !!!! i'll have to try yours next time !!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Scrumptious recipe, and delightful Teddy, with the cutting board.

xoxo to Teddy.
Guillaume said…
Good hearty comfort food. I could eat this with lots of red wine.
Pricilla said…
any combination of mac and meat is yummy in my book
Anonymous said…
Doesn´t look bad at all! The pot looks even better! I don´t think I´ve seen anything like it over here.

Have a great day!
What an emotional day! This is the perfect dish for comfort and football. Thanks!

Teddy always makes me smile, or sometimes LOL.
Your dish sounds delicious! You and the blog tech are so funny Ha! x
Be honest who was more help in the kitchen? The blog tech or Teddy? Both were absolutely charming in their photos. It was indeed a bittersweet day. One for the history books. Always to be remembered.
Lois said…
That looks beyond yummy. Love Scoobi pasta too.
SharleneT said…
Teddy is one lucky puppy when you're cookin'. My Angel comes from a sound sleep the minute she hears a drawer open! This is a perfect solar oven recipe and should be great for a nice fall demo. Thanks for sharing.