The Blog Tech is a Very Good Sport

On the way home from the Country Living Fair we stopped at Pigeon Roost Farm.

I was desperately in need of more pumpkins.

They are ready for pumpkin shoppers for sure.

I don't think there is a pumpkin out there that they don't offer.

I picked out a big orange one. Maybe I should say I pointed out a big one. The Blog Tech stepped up to the plate and put the pumpkin in the wagon for me. I picked the biggest one of the bunch....haha!!! Mother torture!

It was a very heavy one.

He made faces as he lifted it.

But I eventually got a very big smile!

I got my share of gourds too.

Alas, is that The Blog Tech or a ghost.

It is, look at that cute but very scary little ghost.

And look at that cute little Blog Tech.

He climbed all the way up that big ladder all by himself.

Wait a minute! Now The Blog Tech is a woman.

And now he is a farmer! What he won't do to appease his crazy mother. Parents and children watched on in horror. I laughed my ass off.

Don't you wish you had a goat hill for your goats?

Pigeon Roost farm is a learning experience too.

Assorted Ohio license plates.

Nice farm too!

Birdhouse gourds.

They have all of these cute shops scattered around the property.

Locally made soaps and things for the bath.

This was my favorite place.

How cool....pumpkin honey made from the pumpkin blossom pollen.

Pigeon Roost sells a little bit of everything and they were well stocked for Halloween.

Wipe Your Witchy Feet

This is my stash. Even the ones he is weighing.

They fit in the back of The Blog Tech's car.

It was hard to leave these behind. I wanted to lay down in the middle of them.

Here is a pic of the bees that made the pumpkin honey!


Anonymous said…
That looks like a delightful place! My goats would love having a mountain like that.

well.... i LOVED every single delicious minute of this...the blog tech is too funny...loved him as a ghost and farmer... he's very cute !!!!

all those pumpkins...i love what you got..that place looks like so much FUN !!!! i love seeing different places....

and pumpkin honey...i have never heard of that... sounds wonderful too....

makes me happy to see all of it...

kary and l'il teddy
Anonymous said…
I just laughed out loud when I saw the blog techs smiling face in that painting of the farmers. Since the original painting shows the two most serious people I´ve ever seen (as if death tapped them on their shoulders) :-) :-) :-)

It is fascinating for me as a swede to see all those pumpkins and Halloween stuff since I have had almost no history with either. I simply have to grow pumpkins next year :-)

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
Pricilla so wants that goat run....

I am surprised you didn't buy all of those pumpkins!
The Blog Tech is a very good sport! Love all your pumpkins. I need to visit a farm like this very soon! How is the pumpkin honey?
Okay, speaking of laughing your ass off...this is the first laugh I have had all day! That blog tech is one good sport. Thank you for sharing your trips and finds and delicious recipes. Your blog is one of my favorites and I always enjoy it. Especially Teddies adventures!
Barb said…
The pumpkins are totally awesome , but then so is the Blog Tech!!
Oh yes, this is a spectacular autumn post. The Blog Tech is such a good sport, indeed, he is happy to help his Momma, who is always so good to him. He is adorable.
You'll be giving that boy a hernia some day.
Toriz said…
Hi! *Waves*

I came across via the Practical Magic blog party thing, but I like your blog, so I think I'm going to stick around...

Sounds like you have some awesome goodies there! Can't wait to read about what you make with them all! :)
Freckles said…
That's so very cool! I wish we had more places like this in North Carolina. Maybe I need to start doing some research and find them.
Marigold said…
Actually the goatmother, just this very day, put up a board for us to play on almost just like those! Who knew? Didn't you buy the 'Wipe Your Witchy Feet' door mat? We LOVED it!
What beautiful pumpkins and gourds! Our's don't seem to be as big this year. Hope you cooked something special for the Blog Tech since he was such a good sport.
Danni said…
Ohhhhhh... I have goat-bridge envy!!
Your son is a good sport. I think he'd get along with my own good sport, Aidan :-)
Linda said…
I found you from Torias' blog. The goat mountain makes me want a goat or three. I will be back.
Barbara F. said…
Your pumpkin pie must be awesome! I have to get to a farmstand soon. xo
Farmchick said…
Love your pumpkin stash!
Pigeon Roost Farm looks delightful. All those things to browse. The Blog Tech looked happy to accompany you. It was nice he had a little fun too. My mouth is watering for some pumpkin honey.
petoskystone said…
good thing blogtech has a decent sized trunk ;)
Sus said… your pics as always.... makes me feel like I was there... but these with your "blog tech" are adorable. I love people who can have a good time anywhere!
Mama L said…
Pumpkin honey.....oh now that sounds yummy !!! Congrats on the nice pumpkin haul !!!Blessings
Pict-ish! said…
I'm all butterflys about Halloween now :)