Hard Cider and the Harvest at Tudor Place

Welcome to the first of four guest posts by the blog tech! It is the morning after the Tudor Place fall event, a party that my sister planned most excellently with a bit of help from my mother. I drove a car full of food and decorations to Washington DC, bringing the gift of pesto pasta, meat trays, obatzda cheese dip, spinach dip, cream cheese in the form of pumpkins, chex mix, and about five hundred pounds of assorted cheese trays. I also saw this cute, pudgy kitty while walking around and had to include it. The kitty is planking!
Here is my sister setting up the food table at Tudor Place.
Braedon made marshmallows rolled in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs on sticks. All the s'more and none of the mess! These were really terrific, and people went nuts over them.
Here you can see my mother's pesto pasta. People absolutely went nuts over this; she added pepitos, the insides of pumpkin seeds, and it added a very nice crunchy counterpoint to the intensity of the pesto. I want one of these right now, actually. And I had more than a few last night.

You can also see cups of chex mix, the spinach dip in its bread bowl, and the obatzda cheese dip with pretzel sticks. I ate a lot of cheese at this event. Like, a lot.

Meat and cheese trays.
On to the desserts!
My sister also made the pumpkin truffles; they were some kind of pumpkin-y center deliciousness coated in white chocolate. Really, they should just be called " !s ". An exclamation mark is the perfect way to describe them. They almost knocked my eyebrows off.

More cheeses!
This is Lara, standing by the dessert table.
And here is me. I have the fisheye lens with me, which allowed for some of these panoramic shots. You'll see more of them when I put up photos of the Tudor Place gardens tomorrow.

Fisheye lenses do interesting portraits because of how they ever-so-slightly distort the face. I did a weird face expression to emphasize this.
Oh my God what is going on with my sister's left hand! This is a perfect photo of Braedon in her command center, making sure everything ran just as it should. But what the hell is going on with her hand!

Maybe she's saying, "Hey, I'm running this event. I'm so in charge here that I can somewhat bend the laws of reality. Watch me spin my hand around three hundred and sixty degrees. Just cause I can". I dunno, I'll have to ask her.

Tomorrow I'll upload photos of the garden, as well as photos of Asbury Park, New Jersey! Lara and myself are heading to the ATP Three-Day Music Festival to see bands such as Portishead, Swans, Manorexia, The Pop Group, The Horrors, Shellac, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and more! I've never been to New Jersey, but I promise all you readers right now that I am going to get at least one photo of the Jersey Devil. See you tomorrow!

-Blog Tech


Pricilla said…
Aaaaah, New Jersey. My former home. Give it a wave from me.

I noted you still had your eyebrows......

It all looks wonderful!
LisaDay said…
It is kind of creepy.

oh...i loved it all....what a beautiful place for a party...the food REALLY did look great...GOOD JOB !!!! i love the little containers that you put the pesto pasta and chex mix in...looks so nice... braedon is adorable... and blog tech...you're cute too....

can't wait to see tomorrow's post !!!

kary and l'il teddy
Lois said…
I'm listening to Bonnie "Prince" Billy right now! Beautiful photos of the food, mom raised very organized and talented people!
p.s. did the kitty get into the hard cider !!!!

petoskystone said…
would sister care to share the pumpkin truffle recipe?
Marjorie said…
Hey bring my cat back! lol. Looks just like him, pudge included. Are you guys really Braedon and Brandon? That is too cute.
Robin Larkspur said…
Great photos, BT. Though I don't think you were supposed to be eating all the cheese! And yes, I too, vote for the pumpkin truffle recipe, please. Love the kitty photo, btw.
The food looks outstanding. What a wonderful mom you are.
Anonymous said…
what a beautiful job your mum did with the food, and your sister looks like she is cut from the same cloth as your mum,, delicous deserts.Thanks blog Tech for keeping us updated, I hope you and Laura have a great time !
Loved the kitty plank!

Great set up for the Harvest post.

I love how your family does so much for each other. Awesome.

Good post.
Anonymous said…
I´m not surprised people loved that food :-) My kind of heaven :-)

It looks like the arm is broken :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
I love cider in autumn...
Dzoli said…
Wow.I wouldn't mind going to a party like this.Its not only the food but the atmosphere taht comes even through the fabpulous pics;)
Barb said…
Great job everyone!! Mom for all the delicious food, blog tech for getting it there, and sister for throwing such a classy event!
Oh, WOW... how beautiful! Everything looked delicious!
that looks fantastic! everything looks delicious. love the kitty!
Marigold said…
Dear Blog Tech,
You are very talented. I enjoyed your post!
Wow, what a magnificent spread of finger food! The events at Tudor Place must be very popular, I would think, among foodies in Washington!
Barbara F. said…
Blog Tech, you did a great job with this post, and also with the delivery and set up! Everything arrived in perfect condition, I see. Wonderful harvest buffet. Lucky guests. xo
The presentation of the food. The menu boards. What a gorgeous spread. Everything looked scrumptious. Congratulations to all of you for getting the job done. Must say the PLANKING cat was too funny. Glad you included it.