The Haunted House

When my kids were small, I made them this haunted house. They loved it and played with it for years. Click on any picture for a closer look.

Click for a closer look. Some of the people that lived here had some really bad luck.

Skeleton wallpaper.

There must have been a horrible "accident" here. Notice the blood on the bed and the floor? And the outline of a body.

And there is blood on each step too.

The Halloween table is set for a party.

Bat punch and a Halloween cake.

Tarot cards for telling your fortune.

A witchy brew has been mixed up to serve.

The cookies are almost decorated.

A costume still needs to be sewn.

Television entertainment.

There are all sorts of treats just waiting for the guests.

A pumpkin pie and marshmallows for toasting.

A clown outfit.

The leaves have been raked and put in the garbage can.

Someone had a ghastly death.

The headless horseman wears a Jack O' Lantern for the party.

It looks like some of the guests are beginning to arrive.

Of course there is a witch!

And a devil dog with red eyes.

Here come two more guests.

Someone already vandalized the pumpkins.

I hate it when people break my pumpkins.

I bet this ghost saw who did it!

There is a big spooky spiderweb on the window.

Time to get the party started.

First I will carve some new pumpkins. Even the cat gets a treat of spilled milk.

This witch had a bad ending.

I think I will pass on tonight's main course.

But bobbing for apples looks like fun!


Pricilla said…
I adore all the little details.
what a FUN mom you are !!!!!

i loved it the skeleton wallpaper...and the Halloween party !!!

all so cute !!!!

sure put me in a trick or treat mood !!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Your attention to detail is amazing. What lucky kids to have this to play with!
What a wonderful house! You have always spoiled your kids, right! Someday you will be able to share this with your grandchildren.
Suzie Ridler said…
Seriously, this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. You are amazing!
Guillaume said…
Oh I love this haunted house! I need one like this.
the only way i know how to leave you a yahoo mail says it is experincing technical difficulty...i'll keep trying....
Jaja said…
This is so GREAT! I would have loved that when I was little, very special!
Have a Blessed Fall Season, Jaja
Anonymous said…
I´ve been waiting for You to show this haunted house again! It is simply fantastic!

Have a great day!
Barb said…
What an incredible house!!! I love all the details. It's sure a keeper for future Grandchildren!
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh what a hoot.I can't think of anything better,, this is so very cool, I love it.You did a remarkable job, really good.Did you make all these wonderful things,, oh my goshh amazing,,I love it all!
Hollie said…
Such detail! this is great!
Kathy said…
That was awesome!
Farmchick said…
This is adorable. Fall is my favorite season and I love Halloween. The details in this house are excellent.
petoskystone said…
blood stains & iced cookies...lets' get this party started!
This entire post, photos and story made my night. Seriously it did. This was awesome, the house and all the accessories. My favorite, if I had to pick one, but I'd be hard pressed to do it, would be the skeleton, bobbing for apples. I wish I just had one ounce of your creativity.
This. Is. Amazing. I'm speechless.
Marigold said…
Now that is just awesome! Well, done!!!
Jen said…
Goodness, just when I think you can't do any more cool things, you do this! I love the little candies, the little cat with the spilt milk, the teeny costumes and the pumpkin party plates! You are so awesome. You are the queen of the blog world. I truly think you could have your own tv show. Your talent is immense. Did you ever finish your practical magic house? Anyway, thank you for lifting my spriit. Jenny
rox said…
Jaz what an awesome Mum you are !!
lol this is so Tasha Tudor witchy style !I am so impressed , I mean those leaves in the trash barrel and that soup in the cast iron crock looks so real it is just so so cool ! whenyou do have grandkids Jaz you will so love it , really really fun ☺
I'm so happy to be back in bloggy land .I miss your blog so much !
Thanks , and I'm sure you are extra happy now autumn is here ;-)
Autumn said…
So amazing! The detail is incredible! Your children must feel very lucky and special to have a mom like you! I love it!
LisaDay said…
Fantastic. Who wouldn't be excited for Halloween with that to play with.

Kimmie said…
This is incredible~~~~one of the coolest things I have EVER seen!!! WOW!!!
Sus said…
This is great! Love the detail work!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful, I can imagine, the kids wanting to play with it !!
Have a magical day.
Pallas Renatus said…
I was impressed until I saw the tiny Tarot cards; Now I'm blown away.
Phoebe said…
Wow... love your photos! Such detail! Your gardens are beautiful, and i really enjoyed perusing your site... as well as seeing your adorable 'Teddy'!
Mina said…
You did an amazing job on this little world! I love all of your wonderful details and the splendor of the party!