Live from the Horrorfind Festival in Gettysburg, PA


This is Brendan the Blog Tech. My mother is entertaining house guests this weekend, so I will be doing some guest blogs over the next couple of days. It is truly my pleasure to do so, because even though it's only a few days into September, I am already attending the first Horror Fest of the season! It's Halloween times!

Forgive me for not thinking of anything more clever than Halloween times. I just drove for about four hours and am about to take a wee nap before I head over to the Horror Fest. When I get sleepy, the clever is the first thing to go.

This Horror Festival, called Horrorfind, is located in Gettysburg, PA. Gettysburg is a very appropriate location for a horror festival because more people died in the battle of Gettysburg than in any other battle in history. I am fairly certain that that is historically accurate, but the internet is running slow here and Wikipedia doesn't want to help me out!

Be sure to check back this evening when I will update this entry with at least a few pictures, and definitely tomorrow morning when I post my full report of my first day at the Horror Fest!

-Blog Tech


Autumnforest said…
Lucky guy! I can't wait to hear about it.
Guillaume said…
I'm waiting for the pictures.
Pricilla said…
I hope you have a horrorfilled time
Tournesol said…
Nioe!! I'm getting excited about Halloween already too.
petoskystone said…
one of my absolute Favorite People in the whole world are there: morose & macabre! not sure exactly where there table is, but they're parked in front of a huge mirror!
LaTrice said…
Can't wait to see the pictures.