Mini Pies

My house guests arrive today. I've been doing lots of cooking and I wanted to be able to offer them a dessert so I made my mini pies.

You can use any pie crust you like. I make a sweet crust. I like the crust to be sweet and the fruit to be a bit tart. I made some with blackberries and peaches with a bit of sugar, flour and lime zest and juice.

The other ones were made with raspberries and lemon zest and juice and a bit of sugar and flour too. The amount of sugar depends on how sweet the fruit is. Both of these berries had wonderful flavor so very little sugar was added.

I line these small custard cups with crust.

Then fill them with the berry mixtures.

Then seal them with a top crust and make a small slit to let the steam escape.

I brush them with cream.

Then sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.

They bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Then I lower the oven to 350 degrees and bake them for about 40 more minutes.

You know they are done when the juice looks thick and is bubbling through the slit.


Anonymous said…
these look so good, I love black berries and apple too! I have used the same p[ie crust recipe for 38 years and its my mums, then my gramma before her,, I have never swayed but sweet crust is tempting,
Oh, mmmm ! Can almost taste them. Lucky guests.
My, My! I'll have one of each please, with ice cream. Maybe I'll get motivated and make some. But not today, too hot to turn the oven on.
now there is a GREAT idea...CINNAMON sugar !!! i always just use the cinnamon...

i have a few Gopher Glen apples in here...hmmmmm...i am thinking 2 baby pies for tonight...

kary and l'il teddy
Mmmmm can I come and join you LOL Diane
Sweet crust and berries. These look delicious. Save one for me.
petoskystone said…
mmmm...pie! those custard cups are perfect. enjoy your weekend.
Anonymous said…
They look delicious and I can almost taste them :-)

I prefere not to have any sugar added in the pie but to have a rather sweet custard with it (or a very sweet icecream of course :-)

I was going to bake an apple pie today but I feel to tired to do one so I´ll make it tomorrow instead :-)

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
Mmmmm, ice cream on top?
Barb said…
The pies look totally wonderful! I'm debating doing a peach blueberry pie to take to friends. The crust always scares me. Enjoy your guests and have a great Labor Day week-end!
Anonymous said…
Those look wonderful. I can only imagine how much weight a houseguest to your place gains in a short stay. You have so many delicious looking recipes.