More Country Living

I always wanted a wicker bicycle so I fell in love with this wicker motorcycle. I used to ride a motorcycle but mine was a Harley and didn't look anything like this!

Now this is my idea of a shovel!!!

If you click to enlarge this you will see that Longaberger put out a witch hat basket for Fall this year. It is next to the woman at the end of the table.

Coffee tables made from grain scales. I have one which I bought 30 years ago in Toronto.

More Halloween! I love the old scrub bucket and stand.

It is worth going to this fair just to see how people arrange and decorate their booths.

I love bottle brush trees and glitter houses and this booth had them all.

They arranged them table by table according to colors and holidays.

I am too into Halloween right now to think about Christmas.

But they sure were fun to look at.

I fell totally in love with these aprons made from vintage French linen sheets but at 100.00 each, I took a pass. Plus, I never wear aprons.

This gives you an idea of how large this fair is.

Cute booth, cute name.

This booth sold reproductions of yellow ware bowls and pitchers.


Berries in the Meadow.....what a great name.

These are old French canvas postal bags. I wanted one but just couldn't think of how to use it so I didn't buy one. I know I will eventually kick myself when I think of a way I could use it. They were huge.

And if you want a badass dog collar this booth had them!

Tansy was for sale and smelling wonderful all over the fair. Tansy has also taken over The Blog Tech's backyard.

The gardens of Ohio City.

And the gardeners.

I like the way they laid down straw on the paths and I might do that in my lower garden.

This sunflower is supported by a ladder.

This is my favorite booth. Check out the ornamental carved wooden pieces that decorate the top of the tent.

A small greenhouse made from windows. I have one of these.

These pillows are made from old army blankets.

I especially love their signs.

True that!!! This is the way I live my life!

Man, I have misspent my life.....damn! The Blog Tech on the other hand has done anything but!

Check out the name of my favorite booth....STASH.

It is a good idea to wear what you are selling.

The Blog Tech and I hit the southern fried chicken booth.

Unfortunately, the chicken was more like chicken jerky than good southern fried chicken, but the smothered green beans were to die for!

More tomorrow. This is a BIG fair!!!


that fair looks awesome! the junk bonanza hardly had any halloween stuff at all - we were a little disappointed.
Lois said…
Did you buy your grain scale at Harbourfront? I remember loving those when we were first married, and eventually we found one in a farmers field and my husband restored it... We love it but it's a bugger to move!! And my favourite it that shovel...
I had no idea the fair was so large. Great pictures. The food certainly does not look like something you would make.
The fair looked brillant! I enlarged pics and saw loads that i would have loved to buy. Loved the christmas houses. Was the blog tech a great help to you? Ha Ha
Lovely post x
Barbara F. said…
I might have to plan a trip next year to see this fair! Thanks for the "follow" but some how, you and other follower who joined yesterday have disappeared from the blog roll. Blogger is still buggy, I see. :-( xo,
Pricilla said…
I'm sorry you had bad fried chicken. But it looks like a really fun fair
wow...that is the mothership of Halloween...loved seeing it...i loved the sunflower and the ladder..too cute... loved seeing the gardens and the gardeners...all the booths...and i LOVE the fried sure did look good....too bad it wasn't....oh...i LOVE the bottle brush trees and glitter houses...i have a whole container filled with vintage ones that i set out on my piano every xmas...but i am still WAY into Halloween to think about xmas yet too...

l'il teddy and i are off today on a pumpkin hunt....we only have one !!!!!
Anonymous said…
What else to say than I wish I could have been there too :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Where do you find all these fayres? I could buy half the stuff there.
Sara said…
Oh, I'm a country girl at heart. I love all of these photos. The only thing better would be if I was actually there. xx
I LOVE that shovel. Berries in the Meadow sounds so sweet. And that ladder holding up the sunflower was priceless.
Barb said…
I guess I have also lived a misspent life! Thanks for the wonderful pictures!
Farmchick said…
I am enjoying these images of the fair quite a lot. I love that shovel and the postal bags.
AlphaBetsy said…
I also attended and I loved that booth with the glitter and the bottle brush trees. They had some pieces I wanted badly.
Oh, how I'd love to spend a day there!
Amish Stories said…
My kind of meal, and i think pumpkins will be costing more this year, like pretty much everything else!. Richard
Lois said…
Harbourfront was wonderful in the 80's. Why do you want to move?? Need a change?
Robin Larkspur said…
I will take one of everything, except the over-fried chicken. And I do so love me some Halloween trinkets.
Anonymous said…
That looks like such a marvelous time and the food looks very delicious too.
Have a magical day.
Anonymous said…
Oh I DO want to go there!
Tough call, as I also would like to experience Junk Bonanza too.
I think this would win out. I can see JUNK all year long.
SharleneT said…
NOW I know why you were getting rid of so much stuff, earlier. LOL. Making room for some new stuff. What a wonderful fair. Wish I lived close enough to attend. Thank you, so much, for sharing the journey. I do feel like I'm there. I can't believe you actually thought you'd eat that chicken...