A Scrumptious Recipe

I made this dish for my house guests this past weekend. It was a big hit!

Start with ground meat. Mix it with some dried toasted onions. You could use a regular diced onion but it won't have such intense flavor.

Sprinkle in a few tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. I used about 3 pounds of ground meat so adjust accordingly. Mix this together and refrigerate for at least 24 hours.

Remove it from the refrigerator, form it into nice sized patties and crack black pepper, salt, granulated garlic and Montreal Steak Seasoning over both sides of the patties. I like to let these sit in the refrigerator overnight but you could cook them right away.

Boil a couple large heads of cauliflower cut into pieces. It should be very soft when it is ready.

Pour some milk into a large bowl and add salt, pepper a few tablespoons of butter and 3 tablespoons of cream cheese. Drain the cauliflower very well and add it to this mixture.

Puree with an immersion blender or mash it the same way you would mash potatoes.

Saute' a head of thinly sliced cabbage in a bit of oil and butter. Add salt and pepper.

In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup of cream with 1 tablespoon of dijon mustard and 1 tablespoon of whole grain mustard.

Mix the cream mixture into the cabbage.

To cook the meat, I use a grill pan but you certainly could also do these on the grill. Cook over high heat but don't overcook the burgers. They will continue to cook after you remove them from the heat. I think they are best when cooked to medium.

Put some of the mashed cauliflower in the bottom of a bowl.

Top them with a scoop of the cabbage.

Place a burger on top of the cabbage.

Push it down a bit.

Pour some of the gravy I showed you how to make a couple days ago over the top.

This is simply fabulous and not too unhealthy.

One of my guests could not believe there were no potatoes in this dish. It's a great way to get veggies into your kids. Even the Blog Tech was fooled by the mashed cauliflower.


Wonderful, wonderful, thank you for sharing.

xoxo to Teddy Autumn Leaves.
Well now I think I will have to make this. What a great combination of flavor and texture. I could pour that gravy over a piece of toast and be happy. That is some good stuff.
Anonymous said…
I guess I could swap the cauliflower to broccoli? or if I can find it green cauliflower because I like those so much better. But this do look delicious (as all food does here in Your blog :-) )

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I tried your gravy recipe and I could pour it on anything and it would be delicous ,that stuff its good! I just noticed Beverly's comment above,, ha ha , I guess we were on the same page.
Pricilla said…
I like the "not too unhealthy" comment. heh heh

Looks yummy
oh man...that GRAVY !!!! me like-ee the gravy-ee..... yum. looks like a great Fall dish....

kary and l'il teddy
Guillaume said…
Mashed cauliflower? That's original! We often forget that we can mash more than potatoes. I once ate a sheperd's pie with a carrot/potatoe mash and it was delicious, it tasted much better actually than the classic sheperd's mash we have at home. I had a veggie sausages with sweet potatoes mash in a vegetarian restaurant in London and again it was a revelation. But my favourite is the parsnip and apples mash we pour over the veggie sheperd's pie here. So delicious.

That said, I miss meat and I want to try your recipe.
petoskystone said…
oh, yum! 'not too unhealthy' are the best sort of recipes :)
Raven said…
That looks lumptious! I'm going to have to try this this weekend, since I think I might have to feed guests.
Amish Stories said…
A hearty yet fairly easy dish to make. Richard
Tamara said…
Yum! My family would definitely eat this. Nice twist on some great comfort food. Thanks! :)