A Walk in the Garden

Teddy is on the hunt. Bad kitty smells are everywhere.

Following the scent.

There she goes down over the hill.

The Beauty Berry Bushes are turning purple.

The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are really dry now and I love the sound of them when the breeze blows.

A Teddy grin.

Maybe she has sushi on her mind.

No leaves falling on the lower patio yet.

That will change soon though. In a few weeks it will be covered in leaves.

The mums are blooming.

Deadheading them is quite a job though.

My roses are still blooming. I think I have a micro climate in my lower garden.

Roses blooming everywhere in the Fall seems strange.

Click for a better look but the Fall Flowering Clematis is flowering on the gazebo.

And the Impatiens are doing better than ever in the stream. You can see Irises coming up again too.

It always makes me happy to see who awaits my return from the lower gardens.

Oh hi mama!

Hi my sweet puppy....I am back.

The gardens are still looking lush thanks to recent rains.


that is so funny cause we just came in from letting l'il teddy out in the garden...and he was on kitty scent...we have this HUGE white and orange cat..we named him Cheese Sauce cause he looks like a big old baked potato with cheese sauce over the top...oh...and he has a chopped off tail. poor guy...

that cat drives l'il teddy CRAZY !!!!
LOVE seeing your gardens...so beautiful.....
Pricilla said…
I love that smile!
The gardens are glorious. Teddy really smiles.

xoxo to Teddy Autumn Leaves.
Anonymous said…
looking lush is putting it mildly, what a beautiful garden,, its just such a beautiful place and so much work.That cat better watch out,,
petoskystone said…
while teddy guards the entry to the lower gardens, no trespassing kitty would be so foolish as to appear!
Anonymous said…
Your garden looks amazing as always! And I love that photograph of Teddy smiling :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Such a beautiful garden. I cannot wait to see the pictures when autumn is in full bloom.
Your gardens are beautiful. Stop trying to get the leafs to fall. It will be winter to soon as it is.

Teddy is so pretty with her new eye lift.
SharleneT said…
Love your gardens, both upper and lower. It's so nice to be able to see Teddy's happy face, now. And, I'm sure she's happy, too.
Late-blooming roses are the most beautiful and the most welcome.
Everything looks lovely in your gardens. Loved Teddy's sweet expressions. And I just had to chuckle over the sushi remark. Very funny.
~ Jayne ~ said…
Teddy's grin is precious: can't wait to see her frolicking in the Autumn leaves!My roses are blooming for a second time now too.Your garden's flora and amenities must be inviting to both mortals and elementals as well!Enjoy the change of seasons, as the wheel turns.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictures. Your garden looks so beautiful.
I love the impatients in the stream !!
Have a magical day.
Jennifer Rose said…
love that pic of teddy grinning :D