Weekend Guests and No Computer

Sorry I haven't been around. The Blog Tech left me for the weekend and my computer quit functioning so I was computerless for 3 days. It was awful! My guests arrived on Friday and I had some food ready for them to munch on. I made a platter of pate', meats and cheeses.

And a fresh loaf of my rosemary no knead bread.

This is my pumpkin witch string dispenser at the guest house.

The patio was welcoming.

And the front porch was a place they really enjoyed. It was horribly hot and humid the whole weekend and sitting on the porch was great because it was shady and there was a breeze.

I noticed that The Blog Tech's maple is changing colors.

And my tree peonies pods have opened.

They never cease to amaze me by how cool they look.

We went to an old cemetery to have a look around.

I love the old tombstones with photos.


Anonymous said…
Hi, such wonderful pictures. I really love your guesthouse.
The tombstones are very interesting. There's a lot of Italian names. A lot of those stones state the year of death 1929 or 1928. Maybe year with some disease ?? I'm quirky that way, I always look for the story behind the stones ; )
Have a wonderful day.
Pricilla said…
I'm sorry your computer died for a bit. And about your weather. We had frost for three nights in a row. The beans are dead, the snow peas are dead but the damn zucchini lives on.
I bet your the Hostess with the Mostest, Jaz!
Guillaume said…
I love the meat and cheese platter (and the olives!) and the maple tree changing colours.
Anonymous said…
I can imagine how it felt being without a computer for so long! I get frustrated already after a couple of minutes when my modem starts to arguing :-) :-)

I didn´t get a single seed on my tree peonies this year. Yours looks however much cooler than my does :-)

Have a great day!
I'm so glad you're back. I love the tombstone photo's and of course the cheese and meat platter. I know your guest are having a great time.
i REALLY love the stone house...great porch..love your patio... it all looks so beautiful...

and you KNOW i LOVED seeing the cemetary !!!!

we made a octoberfarm platter for dinner saturday night... it's a BIG HIT around here...

kary and l'il teddy

p.s. we are SO HAPPY your computer is back !!!!
Love seeing old tombstones. What cemetary isn't interesting. Crazy about them. Your food platter looked inviting. Do you have any leftovers? LOL I'm sure you and your guests had a marvelous time. Probably helped you forget about the computer problems. Glad you're back online.
Autumnforest said…
Headstones with pictures fascinate me! When I go to graveyards, I go to the oldest graves and say their names out loud. There's something about knowing that long after you're gone and everyone who knew you is gone and no one uses your name again, someone comes along and says it. It makes you relevant again.
Looks like a wonderful porch for relaxing. I love to walk thriugh old cemetaries.so peaceful.
petoskystone said…
your tree peony pods are so cool! pleases me no end to see maples turning :)
Mama L said…
I just love your house, the gardens, the porch....so lovely !!! I also like to go and walk thru the cemetary, and wander about the old tombstones in different shapes and sizes. Blessings