What I Bought at the Fair

I had to buy this. This is from the woman's booth that makes these with reproductions of her original oils.

I want this house.


It's a fake book but I love the crow.

My new favorite Kleenex box.

Another sign.

And another one.

I bought this basket to fill with evergreens and holly to hang on my front door for Christmas.

I need to fill this up.

I have no idea what I am going to use this for but I thought it was really cute.

Pumpkin honey! Who knew? It is made from the pollen of the pumpkin blossoms.

And I bought pumpkins.

All kinds of pumpkins!

I almost got away without buying any redware and then I saw this.

This is a great large bag to carry at markets. The strap is long enough to wear across your chest too.

I bought her six years ago.

She was worth every penny.

She was so happy to see me when I returned from my quick trip.

Teddy had just returned from her eye checkup when I took these photos. We now give her a valium before her trips to the hospital. This is Teddy on drugs.


Zombie Mom said…
Looks like you found some serious treasures! Thanks for sharing.
i loved all of it......love the crow book...and the redware plate...you got alot of really nice pumpkins....i am having trouble finding pumpkins....oh...and pumpkin honey...never have seen that before.... love it....

but you know what i like the BEST !!!!! TEDDY !!!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Bird said…
Okay... I know I shouldn't be... but I'm totally jealous. Is this a fair that goes on every single autumn? Is it always located in the same place, because next year, I would love to make it a point to be there.

Great treasures you're finding. You must have had a wonderful time.

Bright blessings,
Judith said…
I refuse to buy anything that shows witch's as ugly!!! I don't know one single one who is UGLY!! why people persist in making the old fastioned ones I have no idea. Make fun of me, or my family, and it's fine, but not my religion!
Ashling said…
I love your finds, but the painting of the door and pumpkins stole my heart. You found wonderful pumpkins; in the northeast, especially near the Catskills, there's a serious pumpkin shortage courtesy of Irene, so embrace those treasures! And I sooo want to try pumpkin honey! And Teddy, on drugs or off, just looks totally huggable!
Anonymous said…
I like it all but especially The Crow tales and the witch brew sign! And Teddy naturally but that goes without saying :-)

Have a great day!
Barbara F. said…
I have to get to this fair, it is in Canada, right? I love everything you purchased there, I never heard of pumpkin honey! And Teddy is adorable, even on drugs! :) xo
Anonymous said…
wow, I hope you brought a truck to bring all your goodies home,, Teddy does look a little mellow, I didn't know they gave dogs valium,, they asked me this morning if I wanted one for my MRI,, she said i would feel drunk all day so I guess teddy is a little tipsy!
Guillaume said…
I love all you bought, especially the witches brews sign: I'd put this in front of my beers.
Pricilla said…
I knew you wouldn't not buy any redware!
What great finds! I really love the smiling witch on the Kleenex box. Wonder if Teddy would share her Valium! She looks pretty mellow to me. Hugs Teddy girl.
I have had a most wonderful visit to the Fair. So kind of you to allow this southern crone a tag along.

You are Halloween, Halloween is you!

Teddy on drugs....oh my, she looks stoned.

Thanks for all the sharing.

xoxo to Teddy V.
petoskystone said…
teddy floats to the vets now, eh? ;) do let us know if the honey tastes of pumpkin! very neat. i want a house where i can lay out those stone steps.
THIS is the very best time of year to come here every single day. I haven't been getting around but I won't miss a day of checking in now.
:) Teddy looks...um..content?

I added to my Witch collection and I have to send you a picture of her. So cute! I love the oil painting..she's wonderful!

I am just itching to get out my Halloween and I don't think I am going to wait much long to begin. YOU have inspired me...

Ok..you can have THAT house and I'll take yours, but the gate has to stay! lol Well, so much for that idea! :)

LOVE the Trick or Treat sign...(GOTTA get my stuff out!)

..and the faux book of Crow Tales..is wonderful! All the signs are wonderful!

The Sleigh Ride basket...wow..THAT'S going to be beautiful on your door.

Those pumpkins, the pumpkin honey (never heard of such a thing) and the wooden pumpkin box and the...the...um, is it a linen cloth container..a laundry bag? No?
Anyway, everything is wonderful!
But then, I knew it would be. It always is!
William Bezek said…
Nice finds, and some fantastic pumpkins too!
AlphaBetsy said…
I almost bought that witch print too. She is so gorgeous.
Marigold said…
Finally you spill the beans! What a great haul! I especially like the Trick or Treat sign. Well, it's all wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us! A Peanut to you and , oh, happy Autumnal Equinox tomorrow!!!!!!! Blessed be!
Tammie Lee said…
so many wonderful treasures!! your place is going to look fabulous for the holidays.
rox said…
Lol Jaz at first I thought is this the year of the sign ! then I saw the pumpkins & Teddy ☺
your blog and Christers are my two most fav autumny blogs of all blogland !
I love your fall witchy-ness ;-)
so wish I could find different coloured pumpkins here those are so gorgeous such deep colour .
I LOVE all your new treasures. You did good. The redware is my favorite. Teddy looks a tad bit groggy but regardless she is too cute for words. What a sweetie.
Barb said…
Such really wonderful stuff! I could have never passed up the red ware or several of the other things you bought.
Rue said…
I'm so happy that you post about the CL Fair every year - I've always wanted to go, so I live vicariously through you!

Just in case you didn't see my response to your comment - post the link to your PM blog party post at the Practical Magic Blog Party blog here:


Just add it to comments on the latest post. Have fun!
Joy said…
Love your blog, just found it hopping around blog land. Love October and fall. Going apple picking this weekend. Can't wait to get decorated for fall now :) New follower :)
SharleneT said…
Poor little Teddy... No wonder there are no pix of her "running" to great you... I've so enjoyed the visit to the Fair. You must need a rest before you start posting all your great recipes, again! Maybe a pumpkin smoothie...
You picked lovely items, as always!
Wow you got some great stuff. The artist who painted the witch is really talented, I would have bought it too!Poor Teddy, I hope he is feeling better.