A Bit of Fall on This Hot Sunny Sunday

Only the very top of my maple is changing colors.

So true!

My olive oil container.

I made the gang apple fritters with a maple glaze this morning. They were very happy. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Where's my gun? Damn squirrels. Not only do they eat them but they don't clean up their mess.

Total devastation.

Okay..this is it fuzzy!!! The gloves are off!!!!

This is what I did with my broken wind chimes. I drilled a bunch of holes in a branch cut from my English Walking Stick and used fishing line to tie the broken chimes to it. New wind chimes.

The giant weeping beech has not changed color yet.

The Hostas are all dying back.

The self transplanted Impatiens are still rather hardy.

The Beauty Berry thrives.

And they are beautious!

Soon it will be time to turn off the stream and falls.

I am letting the mums winter over and I am hoping next year they will come back strong and fill the whole bed.

The New Dawn roses are done blooming.

Slowly things are turning.

The planter mums are still healthy.

As soon as this hot weather is over, it will be time for fires in the evening.

I love the way the sun lights up the stained glass windows in the Argentinian Cedar doors.

The Lily Pads are dying back and soon the fish will hibernate.

A glimpse of red and yellow.

The maples behind the pool.

The yellow one is a Black Locust.

And the cabbage looking thing continues to grow in my raised planter. I still don't know what it is and it is only producing leaves.


petoskystone said…
loving the olive oil container! i'm sure the squirrels are thrilled with the buffet you have been setting out ;)
Pricilla said…
Pricilla says the cabbage looking thing appears mighty tasty
Anonymous said…
I turned of the pump in my pond today, I usually do after the first really cold night. My fish has already started their hibernation by now.

I do hope those mums survives during winter! They usually do here along the coast line but they almost never get the chanse to flower again because they start so late winter already has come :-) :-)

I do like that oilve oil bottle! That spider is just so cool!

Have a great day despite the heat!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
While touring your gardens I can't help but think,"how are you going to be able to move away from such glorious beauty"? All of the beautiful architectural pieces like your Argentinian doors, the outside fireplace and all of the wonderful flora you have planted and allowed to grow freely and voluntarily in your gardens.
You haven't told Teddy yet have you?
Barbara F. said…
That cabbage-looking plant looks like it would be edible! I love all your decor in the kitchen, but especially apple fritters with a warm maple glaze? Seriously? Can you make a few more cause I will be right over!! :0 xo
Everything is looking good.

xoxo to Teddy Pumpkin Fluffs.

Happy Sunday.
Robin Larkspur said…
I agree with you about those fluffy-tailed varmints and their pumpkin/squash fetish! I love that beauty berry, I must have one!!! It is hot here today, and for next three days. But cold weather by the end of the week; hang in there, winter is coming!!
The Jammie Girl said…
I REALLY hate squirrels. I buy the dogs squirrel chew toys in hopes that will encourage them to chase the real ones out of our yard, but no luck :( Thanks for the tip for the broken wind chimes! I've had a broken set lying around in the shed for a year that I couldn't bear to throw away. Now I have a new project!
I think I should move north. Your weather is better. The maples in the yard have turned over night. The leaves are all over the place. ugh!
Squirrels are destructive little creatures, aren't they? The fritters sound yummy. Just love that you rescued the windchimes and reworked them. Bet they sound lovely. Everything is so beautiful where you are, how can you even entertain the notion of moving? Take care.
loved all of it...i love that cabbage thingy growing in the mum container...love seeing the trees turning...man...those squirrels....they are something....

and i REALLY love that deep fryer !!! apple fritters ! yum.....

kary and l'il teddy
John'aLee said…
How can you leave such a gorgeous place? I know it is probably a lot of work...but something tells me your heart and soul has been put into this place~
Toriz said…
Things are changing and starting to get ready for the colder weather here too.
Amish Stories said…
Squirrels are kind of cute, which is why they get so much slack from folks i think. Richard
Joy said…
Love the olive oil bottle as well! And it's nice to see some leaves changing colors as we don't have any of that here yet.
Lizz Clements said…
Your property is just gorgeous :)
Barb said…
I think your garden looks lovely in spite of the heat. I'm dying of the heat in Northern AL. Was I really complaining of no cross stitch shops in the NW !?? Give me that cool NW drizzle!!! Squirrels are just rats with a bushy tail!
It looks like a HUGE cabbage in the planter..but who knows. :)
Ok...now I am worried!! Squirrels...back to the most recent post..
BennuBird said…
Looks like an ornamental cabbage, We have some in our beds as well and no clue where it came from. Guess the cabbage fairies were busy this year.