End of the Summer Salad

I cover my basil each night trying to keep it alive and breathing as long as possible. We have been eating a version of this salad a lot to get our fill of the last of the basil.

Pick some large leaves and keep them whole.

Arrange slices of fresh Mozzarella on top of the basil leaves on a plate. Top them with slices of oven roasted tomatoes and Turkish roasted peppers. The recipes for both are on my sidebar.

Place some pesto pasta down the middle of the plate. My pesto pasta recipe is also on the sidebar or just type it into my search engine.

Drizzle the entire salad with balsamic glaze and a couple tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar. With a roll this is a whole meal!


like the air said…
I have fresh mozerella in the fridge and basil just itching to be picked! I will be making this tonight! Thanks for sharing! :)
That looks delicious! I have nothing of that at home though :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Oh Yum! I'll have mine with a big slice of No Knead Rosemary Bread please.
Guillaume said…
Really nice, but summer is so definitely gone here so I might try this one in August 2012.
Marigold said…
Wait! What happened to the cauliflower???
Rue said…
I love a simple basil & tomato salad so this is perfect! I only wish my basil had lasted longer this year!
I have plenty of basil still growing so this salad looks good to me. BUT I'm with Marigold... yesterday you promised to tell us what you did with that cauliflower?
Dzoli said…
It is still outside and than you move it to inside.I love basil tomatoe and mozarelal;)
Toriz said…
You post some wonderful recipes; thanks for sharing them! :)
Judith said…
You should get an aro-garden! My friend has fresh basil all year round thanks to it! check it out on the web.