Freeport, Maine

I love this place.

Especially when decorated for Halloween.

Enter and shop!

Lobster door handles.

Places to sit.

Pick your favorite flavor.

All the shops are decorated for Fall.

A stop at Wilbur's Chocolate is a must.

We stopped by Stonewall Kitchen on the way.

We took teddy to Well's Beach but the tide was in and there wasn't much room on the beach so we passed on it. This guy had fun on the beach though. He has 3 tennis balls in his mouth.

Teddy will have to wait until next year to roll on Well's Beach.

Click to enlarge.

Teddy waited patiently while we shopped.

She got to roll on the grass in Freeport.

That mouth is a bit scary!

A rare shot of the belly belly!

Come on Teddy....time to get back in the car.

This would be a definite NO!

I am going back to Salem today so I will post some more photos tomorrow!


brokenteepee said…
Maybe Teddy wanted some Wilber Buds
Barb said…
We took a trip to Maine several years ago. We shopped at that L L Bean Store. Thanks for bringing back happy memories!
petoskystone said…
teddy waited while you shopped, you wait while teddy suns ;)
Anonymous said…
What great weather You have! Ben& Jerry is that a big chain? Because I have actually heard of them :-)

I guess the grass is a good substitute for a sandy beach, especially since Teddy wants to stay :-)

Have a great continuing of Your trip!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
Thank yo so much for sharing your trip to Salem with those of us who only dream of making the trip someday.
I do take some solace in knowing that I have some authentic Salem treasures from your trip last year.
Have fun!
I wanna rub that Teddy Tummy! I have a cat that will maim you if you touch her
fat tum tum, so I know better than to poke that bear.
Loving all the photos! Missing New England terribly ♥
Ashling said…
Teddy managed to look quite fierce! His Halloween look, perhaps?
Kelly said…
You were just in our backdoor. We are about 2.5 hrs north of Freeport. I'm so glad you got to visit LL Bean. It is such a wonderful place with all the fish in the ponds. They never close. I love Maine's coast with the rocky shoreline. Have a great time in Salem.
Good time post. Thanks for the tag along.

xoxo to Teddy Clam Lover
LuLu Kellogg said…
I am loving seeing all these pictures! Teddy is just the sweetest!
L.L. Bean is one of my favorite stores in the world. Plus now they have free shipping with no minimum order. I sound like an ad!

Teddy is such a good sport.
We have a store with a huge boot outside it here in Edmonton too. Except it's a ginormous cowboy boot. It used to be a western store but now it's a biker shop. But the big cowboy boot is still there!
Love the Lobster door handles. I seriously want a set of those. Have no place for them, but I want them anyway. How cool. The witch was a scream. Did Wilbur's have white chocolate? I'm addicted. And as for Ben and Jerry's too many choices. How about a taste of everything. It's a shame Teddy missed a romp at the beach, but she looked very content sunbathing in the grass. Can't wait to see where you are going tomorrow. ENJOY!
Teacats said…
Love Freeport! Favorite place is just north of there -- Ogunquit! :)
doglady said…
Freeport is pretty nice this time of year especially during the week. If you ever take a tour of VT, be sure to go to the Ben and Jerry's factory. Lots of fun.
Toriz said…
Teddy was having fun! ;)