I can't believe it is here already! I sure am glad I started celebrating in August. Maybe next year I will start earlier.

So get your Indian corn on!

Shine a light on those mums.

And put forward....

Your best pumpkins!

Light a fire.

Visit a pumpkin patch!

Get dressed to the hilt.

And wear your best jewelry.

And maybe eat some baked brain.

Set the table with your finest.

Invite all of your friends.

And make sure to wear your best shoes.

Have a very Happy Halloween!!! The countdown starts tomorrow!!!


Barbara F. said…
Happy Halloween!! I did poor planning this year :( xo
Barb said…
Your home looks great for the BIG day! Happy Halloween!!!!
Autumnforest said…
Happy Halloween/Samhain! I hope the weather is accommodating.
John'aLee said…
Loved, loved your post! Happy Halloween!
The baked brain looks delicious this year :-)

Happy Halloween!
Pricilla said…
Have a wonderful day! Don't eat too much brain or drink too much brew!
Rosemary said…
Jaz Know how much you love Halloween. Enjoy every minute of this spooky day.
Happy Halloween.

xoxo to Teddy Halloween Fluffs
laurie said…
I thought of you first thing this morning, I know no one that enjoys Halloween such as you do.I was wondering if you feel a bit down when its over, you live and breath it everyday so I think you'll be oK.Your home is beautiful,, you need to fatten up those friends though, and I was expecting witches boots and striped stockings but I guess sneakers are the modern day witch attire.
Happy Halloween to you my favorite cooking blog woman, and many many more!!
Your blog is beautiful today. I love the sneakers and the fabulous bracelet. Have a wonderful favorite holiday.
Happy Halloween!! I hope it is sunny and not snowy!
Enjoy this your most favorite day of the year....Happy Halloween!!

Great photos....so festive!!
injoyinmylife said…
So happy I've found you. I have loved looking back at so many of your photos. Teddy is just smashing!!!
I forgot to mention my nephew was BUSKING in Salem last week. You might have seen him on a street corner there. I LOVE your photos. It is so nice to see someone who enjoys the holiday as much as I do. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Enjoy!
Guillaume said…
Happy Halloween! I start preparing in August too. Now I will prepare more intensely.
Marigold said…
Happy Halloween! Glad you missed the snow storm. I think July is a good time to start. What do you think?
SharleneT said…
Happy Halloween! Save some of that candy for your Trick or Treaters...
Happy Happy Halloween to you as well.
Bird said…
A very happy Halloween to you as well.
Mr Lonely said…
walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..
You're kidding about the brain, right? For me, it is so interesting that you are sooo into Halloween! I bet it's fun! It isn't all an English thing although I think they do pumpkins and witches nowadays ....
Teacats said…
Wonderful posting! I adore the Keds sneakers! And much love to Teddy -- what a handsome fellow in his cape! We had about 150 trick-or-treaters here on Lot 13 Cemetery Hill (yes thats the read address! LOL) last night!

Cheers! and a belated but heartfelt Blessed Samheim and Happiest Halloween to All!
Toriz said…
Hope you had a happy Halloween!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Those are simply the coolest shoes EVER. =D

Hoping you had a wonderful Halloween!

Nice pics! I love seeing Halloween excitement. I'm loving those sneakers, also! Way jealous of those.