The Salem Witch House.

Teddy runs to Hawthorne Square.

It is her favorite place.

She doesn't even look back as we leave to shop. She is after squirrels.

This is what you see on Salem during the month of October. Bus loads of school kids are released on the town.

Crow Haven Corner. This used to be Laurie Cabot's place but she has moved to the wharf.

This restaurant constantly changes names and owners.

Some of the offerings.

A spell book with a recipe for Witch's Brew.

A lot of the stores were closed since it was Monday. We will be returning later in the week to visit these places.

I love the litter signs.

T-shirts for sale everywhere.

I know quite a few people I could give this one to.

Do you want to have your fortune told?

You can visit real haunted house here if you take the ghost tour.

Witch hats anyone?

This guy just screamed The Exorcist to me.

They have seriously cool brooms.

I like the sweat pants with the skeleton hands on the butt.

We are off to Maine for the day! More later!


Ashling said…
Have never been to Salem...thanks for sharing the adventure!
Great pics! Would love to be there! I hope you have a good time. Hugs to Teddy.
Pricilla said…
The hats are great. But Pricilla and Abby would just try and eat it off of my head
Sherry said…
Thanks for taking us along with you! I'm thoroughly enjoying it!
Sugar said…
oh lady! I am sooo jealous! I wish I could visit Salem. I'll just live through you for now!
I've been enjoying your blog for a long time, but haven't had a chance to start at the beginning and read forward. So, I'm curious to know whether you are a witch or just enjoy all things magic?

My husband was salivating over your braised pork and cauliflower dish. Can't wait to try it.

Enjoy your trip!

petoskystone said…
i like the socks in the litter poster. you go, teddy! when i put together a black hat for hallows, i must adds a few yards of tulle, or chiffon ;)
Barb said…
I look forward to the post each day. What a fun trip! I think I'll have to go East on my next trip!!!
rox said…
Lol I see what you mean about the exorsist !
This is great Jaz can hardly wait for more pics and stories of your adventures . glad Salem is doggie friendly too and Teddy has some fav spots ☺
Marigold said…
Oh! I hope we get to see some of those brooms!
Love all the shops. Interesting how even the billboards get into the spirit of things. The spell book looks mezmerizing. Salem is wonderful. The only time I was in Maine, a moose got in my path on the road. It was a scary standoff. Hope your visit there is enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing more photos of your adventure.
FreeDragon said…
I want to go to Salem!
Anonymous said…
Is it possible not to love this town :-) But I guess it can be a little to much every year around Halloween :-)
This is another place I really must visit before I die :-)

Have a great continuing of Your trip!
Lizz Clements said…
Salem is one of my most favorite places on Earth!
Guillaume said…
Oh I want to visit Salem! I love every pic especially the Witch House.
oh...enjoyed my visit here with you guys...loved seeing


those sweat pants were too was the Piss and Moan T shirt... i should be wearing that one :-{

can't wait to see Maine..i am really enjoying this trip with you guys !!!

kary and l'il teddy
Kelly said…
SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!! I love Salem! Everything is witch named.
Amish Stories said…
Run Teddy run,lol. And that little town looks like an all american town for sure. Richard from Amish Stories.
Farmchick said…
Seriously I would love to go to that broom store!
Hexe said…
I look forward to the virtual trip again! :D
Dzoli said…
Wow witched post:)
If I had 12 of the Piss & Moan t-shirts my Christmas shopping would be finished.
Yipee, yipee, Salem, Salem. Soooooo happy to be here again.

Happy Happy.

xoxo to Teddy Salem Fluffs
How about that tee -- "I got stoned at Salem" -- groan!!!
Rue said…
So many stores I want to shop at!! Love those litter signs too - cute!
~ Jayne ~ said…
Thanx for posting a virtual tour : one can see that you are in your element!
Lois said…
I read an article in our local Hamilton paper yesterday about this man who went to visit Salem and went from someone who never decorated at halloween to a person who puts on an incredible show each year and charges admission by food donation. He collects tons of food each year for the food bank, all beacause he visited Salem. I want to go! Maybe next year.
Carol said…
Love seeing roru posts! Thnx!
like the air said…
I love your pics! We were there this past weekend and had a lovely time! It was VERY crowded on Essex in the evening, and there were quite a few preachers out with LOUD megaphones trying to "save" people! That was the first time I had experienced that on Essex St. Seems much more peaceful on a monday! :)
Jennifer Rose said…
that shirt would be perfect for hubby :p
Toriz said…
Run Teddy, run! LOL!

I'm so jealous of you!