Ham Recipe

I know...here we go again. I post this recipe way too often. But, it is so good, that if it reaches one person that has not seen it yet, it is worth boring you all again. I made a 16 pounder for my daughter's event.

I tried to get photos of the moon.

It was so dark that they came out like paintings.

By the cheapest bone in ham you can find. Seriously, buy a cheap ham. This will be the best ham you have ever had. Slice off most of the fat.

Once the fat is off, score the ham.

Just slice it at about 1 inch intervals across the ham and then 1 inch interval in the other direction.

Click on the pic so you can see it close up. Place it in a roasting pan and bake it at 300 degrees for a couple of hours.

After 2 hours, remove it from the oven and turn the heat up to 350 degrees.

Push a clove into the center of each diamond.

Mix 2 cups of marmalade, 2 cups of Dijon mustard (not you Christer!), and 1 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Return it to the oven for 1 1/2 hours.

The smell is out of this world.

Slice the ham thinly and place it on a platter and drizzle the remaining glaze over it. This ham is hard to stop eating. There is rarely an leftover.

And it freezes beautifully. My daughter will be serving this on my potato rolls!

Sorry, I wont post this again for at least 6 months!


Anonymous said…
:-) :-) :-)

Actuallly I have mustard and preferable dark dijon mustard on two things and Christmas ham is one of those things :-)

I don't know why I like mustard on that ham when I can't stand it otherwise?

Perhaps I'll buy two big hams this christmas and make one this way.

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
I love ham....mmmmmm
Anonymous said…
great ham, lovely glaze, I've never put marmalde in mine, I like the thought of it,, sounds very nice,,Theres nothing like the smell of ham baking is there, we always have ham with our turkey christmas dinner, this is something like mine, I will try the addition of marmalde this year,,thanks for sharing,
Will wonders never cease. For the first time since reading your blog... I can't steal your recipe. I do exactly the same thing you do, minus the brown sugar. Proves great minds think alike. LOL AMAZING. It is the best ham ever. Marmelade makes the difference. I use orange or grapefruit. Take care.
Honey, this ham recipe should be posted in the New York Times for the world to see. I will never bake a ham any other way. Beyond Fabulous!
petoskystone said…
yum! neat moon photos, nonetheless. i am in awe of people who can get excellent fireworks shots.
Barb said…
Your moon photos are wonderful! Thanks for the ham recipe I didn't have it.
Farmchick said…
Great recipe and one that I have had. Always great flavor when you buy a bone in ham.
Sara said…
Oh YUM! I love this recipe. Like your photos too. :)
SharleneT said…
I've done this one in the solar oven from your last posting and it's delish! Please continue to post for that one person who misses it. Well worth the gift! Now, don't throw away that ham bone. Simply add it to a pot of rehydrated navy beans and let them do their thing for 3-4 hours. Nothing but rollin' eyes and gnashin' teeth! (Now, you can give Teddy the bone... and, a big hug!)
Debbie said…
I've missed you this year and especially your wonderful cooking!! You should be getting paid for all of this! Ha ha...hugs
Anonymous said…
Well, you did it, it was my first time to see this ham. I guess I'm the ham virgin. Anyway, it looks simply scrumptious.
Haley McAdams said…
This is definitely the best ham recipe for the coming holidays. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I should really speed things up with my Food Safety Course. Thanks again.
MissDieed said…
Do you use a raw/uncooked ham or a city/pre-cooked ham???