I'm Busy

I started on my outdoor decorating project. Can you tell which one of these I did first? They aren't exactly the same shape. I did the one on the left yesterday and was not actually sure what I was doing. The one on the right was built this morning. It came out much better. I will show the progress on the project as I go along. There is going to be a lot of hot gluing happening around here this week.

I put the garland around the front door and will decorate it this week.

I could not get a full photo of it because it is pouring down rain here. I will get a good shot when it is finished.

My garden room looks like a Christmas bomb exploded.

I started decorating out back too.

In progress.

This is what the basement refrigerator looks like right now. This morning I made a dozen jars of brandy hard sauce and 8 pounds of cranberry/horseradish, shallot, cream cheese spread.

This is going to be one of those decorating attempts that is either going to be great or a total disaster. I'll keep you posted. I have hundreds of red and green bulbs from the year I put up twin trees in the garden room and covered them in red and green. I am trying to clear things out around here so I picked this projects to give all of these bulbs a last hurrah. These will all get tossed after the holidays!


Barbara F. said…
Oh I feel bad that you will trash your ornaments! I wish I lived closer. xo
Pricilla said…
Please do not glue yourself to anything.....
John'aLee said…
You never cease to amaze me with all that you get done!
laurie said…
that spread sounds yummy for sure and 12 jars of brandy sauce, nowthats alot of work too, you must be going like the energizer bunny.I like where you're going with the balls they look beautiful, I hope all is well with Teddy.
I like to see how you decorate Your house and garden! So much color and so different to how we do it over here.

I must admit that I'm very curious about Your project :-)

Have a great day!
Laurel said…
That spread sounds wonderful. I wish I were that far along with holiday prep.
I'm tired just reading all this! Be careful with that hot glue gun. Mine makes my mouth say foul words. Can't wait to see the finished projects.
Your home is looking so festive and pretty!

Toriz said…
What matters most is that you're having fun doing it! :)
Amish Stories said…
Your not kidding Oct when you said your busy, and i love your door to your home. Richard
Texan said…
cranberry/horseradish, shallot, cream cheese spread

Oh my gosh that must be unreal!
Barb said…
I love your garden room! I'm looking forward to seeing all your decorations.
Love the garland around the front door and your stuff out back is marvelous. I used to do crafts but have gotten away from such things in recent years. Your GREEN RED BULB project looks ambitious. But to tell you the truth I really want a taste of that 8 pounds of cranberry/horseradish, shallot, cream cheese spread. Take care.
Can't wait to see what all those red and green ornaments turn into!
Tournesol said…
I too am amazed at the amount of cooking you manage to get done, and then decorating and creating too!