It's Over!

Damn! It is over! Oh well, 364 more days until Halloween.

Teddy in her 'does this cape make my butt look fat' costume.

Here is Teddy on the way to the beach on our trip.

The beaches remind me of the beaches in Ireland.

They are covered with small granite rocks.

Teddy loves it on the beach.

She rolled but it was so fast that I couldn't get a photo.

She loves to run back and forth.

This is the house across the street from us.

This is the back of the house we stayed in. I forgot to take a pic of the front. Next year I will! Notice the wall? I am not naming names but someone had a bit of a mishap with the wall and now we are part owners of the house.

The side gardens.

This house is called The Cable House. You can see that they are growing wisteria on a cable running from the back yard. Here is an explanation for the name:

"The cable will come ashore on Cape Hedge, on the south side of Cape Ann, about two and a half miles from the centre of the town. Near the beach a testing station is being built and is nearly complete. An operator will live there while the testing preliminary to the delivery of the cable to the company is going on, and this may last several weeks... The plans for this station contemplate a modest, but attractive, little structure of one and a half stories, in which provision has been made for the operating-room, Superintendent's office, testing and battery rooms, and work-room."


Your beach photos are so evocative. It all looks wonderful.I wish we had something like this on our doorstep.
Mel Mel said…
I can't believe that Halloween is over! I think it should last a week. And the stores are already shoving Christmas down our throats. I'm so not in the mood. I think I need more candy....
Barb said…
What a great place to have stayed! I hate that Halloween is over-think I'll leave things up a bit longer!
Pricilla said…
I love wisteria. I think I told you but my second house in NJ had one growing out of an old greenhouse. It was over 100 years old and it was a tree by the point we owned the house. It's trunk was about a foot around and the vines came out of the top of the greenhouse and went just everywhere. It was amazing when it bloomed.

The idiots that bought the house from us chopped it down. They thought it was a big weed.

Sharon Lovejoy said…
Just checking in on you and Teddy.

Yep, 364 days of anticipation and planning. Hurrah.


Anonymous said…
Love that beach! There are almost no sandy beaches where I grew up, it was mostly rocks and the mountains going down in to the ocean. I do like that but nothing beats a sandy beach.

To bad about that wall but Who hasn't done that :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
PJ said…
365 days actually. 2012 is a leap year.
I love Teddy's fat butt picture. The house is beautiful. Did Teddy really knock down that wall? haha
Guillaume said…
It came and went too fast. I feel the post Halloween blues.
Raven said…
Hope you had a glorious Hallowe'en! I can't believe it's over, either, but I take comfort from the fact that the old Samhain celebration would now be somewhere between November 6th and November 11th (apparently the calender has shifted somewhat) so I'm going to keep celebrating until then! Love Teddy's cape.
Dzoli said…
Dog looks happy as.He is so cute;))
Toriz said…
*Shakes head* 365; next year is a leap year!

Unfortunate, but true!
Marigold said…
I'm with Guillaume ... I too have the post Halloween depression. I think we should have an UnHalloween in April or May to tide us over.
CopperCreeker said…
GREAT!!! I found your blog again.
I've missed visiting but now there's a lot of catching up to do.
Interesting story about The Cable House. I love the beach in the autumn. Has a whole different feel to it. Teddy wore the cape well. What a sweetie-pie. I'm already counting down til next Halloween. I was sorry to see this one go. Put all my skeletons, goblins and ghouls away until then. In the meantime, Dracula is keeping me company in the living room until I can find a place to bury him in the garage. Take care.
Anonymous said…
I too love Teddy's fat butt picture. Cracks me up. The beach looks mighty chilly right now. Love your pictures.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Teddy in a cape... Too much cute... I'm going to explode. ^-^

Love your beach pics! I'm missing going to the beach terribly... The only bad thing about getting rid of my car. Ah well. I can still take the bus to an almost beach. ^-^

Hope you had a great trip!

SharleneT said…
Great pix. I'm so sorry H is over but there's now a countdown going and that brings us all hope. Teddy is adorable with or without the worry about her butt. What a beautiful area. Love the beach. And, what a delightful surprise to get a card from you and Teddy! I've had a bad cold so it really perked me up!