New York City Day Two

Yesterday, Lara and I spent a lot of time roaming around New York while we waited for our room to open up. Here is a picture I took of a strange skyscraper.
Weird! We also went to the very cleverly-named 'Witchcraft wherein we got a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich and grits with ham and cheese. I love grits, and yet they are unbelievably awful on the rare occasion that you find a restaurant that actually serves them. This place, however, made them awesomely-well.
And then we went into a very fancy Sephora and I sneakily took the following picture of the very fancy interior.
And here is a church. Notice how my picture slyly references the epic tug-of-war between modern society and religion! Just kidding, this was the only angle I could get it from.
And here is the Cartier store. These pictures don't do it justice; the bow was sparkling in a very captivating kind of way.

And then night fell!
Later that evening, we left our hotel on foot to go eat at Les Halles, a French restaurant made famous by Anthony Bourdain, its executive chef.
I got a delicious calamari and walnut cold salad. C'etait tres bien!
Lara got an equally-delicious mushroom and goat cheese ravioli. Tres delicieux!
And then we split a rib eye on the bone. Lara gets her meat rare, which I never do, but on this occasion I knew I wouldn't get food poisoning because God would not be so ironic as to give me food poisoning from eating fancy steak on the evening of my birthday.

The exterior of Les Halles after eating incredible food. This post is also the most I have ever used the French I learned in high school, by the way.
Then we headed back because I had to get up very early to try and appear in the background of a Good Morning America segment! This is the exterior of our hotel.

And suddenly it was morning and I was walking briskly towards Times Square.
The exterior of the Today Show. This is where Sam does the weather report. The guy smiling in the foreground is a security guard.
My mother only caught a fleeting glimpse of me and my 'Thanks for Making Me, Mumma! Happy Birthday ME' poster, so I moved onto another segment outside of the Disney store.
They gave me free Mickey Mouse ears!

I will never take them off.

That's all for today! Be sure to check back tomorrow for many more photos of my adventures with Lara in New York!


Anonymous said…
Its funny really, I've never been to New York but since so many mivies been done there I still feel I know the town when seeing Your photographs :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Nice Mickey Mouse ears by the way :-) :-)
Pricilla said…
Happy Birthday! You look surprisingly unmouselike
Your photos are fabulous. Love love, love the Mickey House ears.
petoskystone said…
The exterior of your hotel looks like its' been sewn up with rick-rack. (nice ears)
Guillaume said…
You can see why it is the city that never sleeps.
loved seeing the pic's of NYC'''

is 'witchcraft tom collichios restaurant? i might be wrong

happy birthday blog tech

the meal at les halles looked wonderful !!!! yum...rare steak !!! me like-ee too...

happy to see this today

happy birthday love,
kary and l'il teddy
LOVE the tour of NYC. GREAT photos. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Enjoy!
Rue said…
Happy Birthday - looks like you had a blast! Love the pics and the decorations going up. I wonder if I can get a bow like Cartier for my house...