New York City Trip Part 3

It's hard not to start a post like this by writing something like, "Well, it's over". Indeed, leaving a city like New York is a bit of a comedown for sure. Let me share with you a little anecdote that illustrates exactly why.

A few nights ago, I was half-asleep and out of cough drops, and my cough had of course gotten significantly worse in order to deprive me of sleep and prolong its evil cough life. Rather than lay there coughing every so often and disrupting Lara's sleep, I knew I had to make a Late Night Health Run for more cough drops. And not the Luden's wild cherry cough drops that are actually awesome candy in disguise; I had to get the medicinal Cough-Eeze cough drops that are supposed to taste like Strawberries and Cream, but actually taste more like Strawberries and Numb-Tongue.

I got dressed in the dark as quietly as possible, grumbling and cussing all the while, and made my way to the elevators, and then the lobby and outside into Manhattan. Now, at home, the Late Night Health Run involves a long drive to a 24-Hour Pharmacy. In Manhattan, on the other hand, I suddenly found my half-asleep and very haggard self bathed in bright neon lights despite it being about 3 in the morning. Within ten feet were not one, but two 24-Hour Pharmacies. And a Sephora that was somehow still open for business.

Hey, I like nature quite a bit, but I was born in the 1980s and raised around computers and there's something about cornucopias of neon light that I find very energetic.

There is one thing New York City does not have, however, and that's my Mumma! And her cooking! It's good to be back.

A Macy's Storefront Window. It's beginning to look a lot like Chr-wait, huh?
I have video of these. I will upload them throughout the day and add links to this post, so make sure to check back! LINK TO VIDEO OF THE ABOVE DISPLAY NOW UP!
I mean look, I know this is not the Christmas we are all used to, but it's snowy, and there's a giant Christmas tree on the side of the building above it. LINK TO MOVIE
Who knows, maybe this is what Santa's Workshop really looks like. I mean hey, he has to have some pretty advanced technology in order to do what he does. And magic, of course. LINK TO MOVIE
After Macy's trippy Christmas times LINK TO MOVIE, Lara and I went to a 24-Hour Korean restaurant.
I got boiled octopus!
She got raw beef shredded with various vegetables and a raw egg. This food was really interesting and quite a bit different from any other Korean I've had before. The octopus dish had no seasoning other than the slice of lemon, and everything was served cold or lukewarm. Octopus has a very delicate flavor that gets lost in any kind of sauce or seasoning, so this is the best way to truly taste it. The beef was also very icy, and just melted in your mouth. Unfortunately for Lara, she has sensitive teeth, so she had quite a bit of octopus while waiting for the beef to warm up a bit.
Now it gets exciting-Rockefeller Plaza! We were going to see the Christmas Tree! After Macy and its David Lynch's Christmas theme, we were ready for some old-fashioned yuletide tradition.
But it was not to be!
There is a tree in there somewhere. I told Lara just to view it as a continuation of the Avant-Garde Christmas theme and to view the scaffolding as intentional.
There's tree in there! Even bulbs!
And another thing you don't see in photos: the tree trimmings. Apparently the tree isn't properly lit until November 30.
Back to Times Square!
And here is Lara, thrilled to be standing in the middle of it!
As soon as I finished yesterday's blog, Lara and I headed right to F.A.O. Schwarz. When I was a younger person, this was the action figure Mecca for me.
Here is Lara standing between some huge stuffed animals.
And the candy section! Also: this photo has had the magenta lighting reduced quite a bit and it still looks very magenta. The interior of FAO Schwarz is very, very magenta.
I would like to hide in here until after it closes for the night. And then just start eating the candy. I think I could make a sizable dent in it.
Here is me afterwards.
And here is Lara modeling the hair cut she got in Soho as we wait for a subway train.
Bergdorf's Christmas decorations.
And a mini-Chow Chow or Pomeranian (or a combination of the two)! Look at this little guy. He would fit right in with the stuffed animals at FAO Schwartz.
Except he's real! Look at those little paws.
Finally we came across an honest-to-God Christmas tree.

Maybe a bit heavy on the gold, but it is Fifth Avenue in New York City, so it's fitting. After this tree, we got a cab, went to the airport, and flew home, having both taken more than a few bites out of the Big Apple.

Yes, I know that last line was really corny. But an experience such as this tends to bring out a cliche's old luster, don't you think?

Once again, it has been an absolute pleasure blogging for all of you! Happy Holiday Season!

-The Blog Tech


Guillaume said…
Did you ever sleep? Sorry, bad, bad, bad joke. I would love to try the octopus.
Anonymous said…
what a wonderful time you had, I've never been to New York but you did such a good job you make me feel like I have a really good idea of what its like, you should do a travel show, you make a lovely couple and thankyou for sharing your trip, hope the coughs heals soon,
Anonymous said…
I would need some of that strawberry and numb-tongue drops myself, the one I have is more like Your cherry candy thing :-) :-) It would be nice to sleep an entire night again :-)

I still can't see any christmas in that window but I still like it :-)

That is a huge christmas tree! I'm not sure I've ever seen such a big one (well out in nature I have but not as a christmas tree).

Have a great day!
I'm sorry you had to share NYC with your bad cold. But happy that you were still able to enjoy yourself. GREAT PHOTOS. It was a terrific visit to the Big Apple. Thanks for taking me along. Take care. Enjoy those homecooked meals your momma makes.
Barbara F. said…
It's been over two years since I have ventured into Manhattan (under duress I might add) and years since I have seen the tree at Rockefeller Center. Thanks for sharing the photos. xo
Pricilla said…
Lara's haircut is just stunning
petoskystone said…
The dog looks like a Shiba Inu. Cute paws.
petoskystone said…
The little guy riding the rocket in the Macys' videos reminds me of Depps' Willy Wonka.
Barb said…
Thanks for the blog trip to New York! It was really interesting!
LuLu Kellogg said…
What a fabulous trip. Lara's hair looks beautiful!
Ahhh! I love that Pomeranian! Don't be fooled by their size-- they are little devils! :P I love mine all the same.