Potato Rolls Recipe

I have made these potato rolls every year for Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember. I made 200 of these the other day. They will be served with ham at my daughter's event.

But first, more about plum pudding. I think long ago it called for chopped prunes, thus the name plum pudding. It is also known as Christmas pudding. This is the way it is traditionally decorated. I make a vanilla creme anglaise and serve a piece of the pudding on top of the sauce and then top it with some hard sauce.

Since I will be giving all of these away, I removed them from the molds and wrapped them in cheese cloth soaked in brandy.

Then I wrapped them in plastic wrap and placed them in the refrigerator.

Back to the potato rolls. Add 1 1/2 cups of water in the bowl of your mixer.

Add 2/3 cup of sugar. Add 2 1/4 teaspoons of yeast and 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt.

Add 2/3 cup of softened shortening.

Add 1 cup of mashed potatoes. I make instant potatoes for this because they make a lighter roll.

Add 2 eggs.

Start adding the flour. You will use about 7-7 1/2 cups.

Add the flour 2 cups at a time.

When the dough comes away from the bowl cleanly, it is ready.

Place it in a coated bowl and cover it with plastic wrap.

Let it rise until it is cresting the bowl. I let it rise overnight in the refrigerator. Then I let it rise at room temperature for about 2 hours. Form into rolls and bake at 400 degrees for about 17 minutes or until golden.

I brush them with melted butter straight from the oven. These freeze very well!


Heather said…
Oh yum....I was looking for a roll recipe for tonight and now I have one. Thank you!
Kelly said…
Oh, my goodness. Will you come to my house for Thanksgiving? I will try to make the rolls. Yum!
Anonymous said…
well I knew we hada good potato roll reciep and you just cinfirmed it, its the SAME recipe.
Mkaes me feels so good to know because I consider you my personal food guru, ha ha ha ,, well just kidding but you are such a good cook that it did make me smile.Imake them and let them sit all night as well, my mum madde these and then I.We have been making them in our family for over 5o years, imagine that. I use potato flakes too,m u mum cooked a potatoe and used the water and all, these are so good with turkey on after as well. MY christmas and thanksgiving and easter dinner is not complete without them,, we have good taste don't we,, lol,
Have a great weekend and give Teddy a snuggle for me, ( I know Teddy doesn't like strangers) I'm thinking of you with the upcoming surgery, be brave.
Barb said…
Those rolls look very tasty!
Barbara F. said…
Love potato rolls or bread. These look delicious. It must be wonderful having you as a relative or friend. xo
Anonymous said…
I remember that the plum pudding I've eaten had cherries in then instead of plums. They had used that instead of plums because cherries is nicer to the stomach :-) :-) :-)

I´ve never done potato rolls but I like them!

What is softened shortening? I´ve never heard that before and google translated it to something I just didn't understand :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
I love potato rolls!
Dzoli said…
Well for me potato rolls are new:))Sounds great.And the pudding..oh my God..delicious;)
I'm only speaking from personal experience, but these are the best potato rolls in the WORLD!
Marigold said…
Where did you find the very cool molds for your plum puddings? You must have an industrial-sized refrigerator. I bet if you opened a restaurant Kelly would figure out how to get her mom to spring for a trip to visit. :)
CopperCreeker said…
my mother-in-law made these when she was alive. this recipe sounds as if it is the one she used. she didn't have it wrote down. she had made it so many times that she knew it by heart.
Thank you for this recipe.
Have had potato bread, never a roll. These sound good. Like the fact you said they freeze well. Important when making holiday meals in advance.
Those rolls look wonderful! Good for you to make so many for your daughter's do!
Go to my blog and you will see something for you!
whynotgrl67 said…
Can i ask what type of mixer you were using in these pics? Cant wait to try the potato rolls .
i bet those make the best ham sandwiches !!!!