Stuffing Recipe

This is the stuffing my mother always made for Thanksgiving when I was little. I have made it ever since. First I cube a bunch of bread. I save the crusts and small pieces of my homemade bread and use it for this.

Dice up a bunch of celery.

Dice several large onions.

Add them to the bread.

Add a box of Bell's Seasoning.

Add several sticks of melted butter and 4-5 raw eggs.

Add salt and pepper to taste and mix it all together very thoroughly. We always eat so much of this raw that we can't eat much later in the day. So simple yet so very good.

Place it in a heavy dutch oven and bake it at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.

I am sort of reeling right now. My husband took Teddy to OSU this morning to have her eyes checked again because I noticed that they were not looking great. She has to have another eye operation again next week!!! So, my poor puppy not only has to face surgery again, she has to wear the dreaded cone and stay in the garden room to avoid steps for at least 2 more weeks. I thought we were done with this and now have to go through it again. Hopefully the problems will finally be resolved.


Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry about Teddy having to do another surgery! I hoped the first one would be enough.

Since we rarely have a whole turkey to cook (turkey is very underestimated over here)I've never done any stuffing. Does it get taste from the bird or the other way around or both?

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
Oh Joyce how awful for you all. This is terrible news for Teddy. I am sending you hugs, and hopes for this surgery to be the last! please give teddy a big hug, too. This is such a blow. But surely all will be well.
Pricilla said…
That's how my mom made it too....
Barbara F. said…
I am so sad to learn about Teddy's eye surgery. Sending prayers to both of you. ((hugs)) xo
I'm so sorry about poor sweet Teddy. Hopefully this will be the last time.

I love you stuffing recipe, nice and simple with lot of flavor and lots of your wonderful gravy over all.

Hugs to Teddy!
Dzoli said…
Teddy looks strong to me She will be ok.Its is of course always a worry but at least you are helping her.
Mum's stuffing looks very interesting:)
Heather said…
That stuffing looks amazing! I've never heard of Bell's Seasoning before- I'll have to look for it. I live on the west coast and miss a lot of the east coast goodies. Good thing for the internet because I can mail order now :)

Hope Teddy is alright and recuperates quickly from her surgery. I love my animals like children. When I was little we had a chow chow. She was the best dog.
Anonymous said…
we call stuffing dressing here , I have never saw it made like this ,, it sounds wonderful, you don't put it the bird at all then,
Anonymous said…
ooop, I hit the button to soon, I meant to also say, my thoughts will be with Teddy and you and your family,, sending positive thoughts your way,, so sorry thisd ha to be repeated, those dam cones are a nuisance,, necessary but still a pain.
Anonymous said…
So so sorry to hear about Teddy's surgery. I will certainly hold her in my prayers. I know how rough it is to go through these things with our "kids" and how we worry about them.
Love your stuffing recipe. Looks delish. Thanks again for sharing.
oh sweet, sweet teddy...we are sending all GOOD THOUGHTS and WELL WISHES for a speedy have a GREAT mama that takes such great care of you.....

you are in our thoughts....always

sending love,
kary and l'il teddy
Poor Teddy. I feel so bad that she has to go through this again. And you too. I'll keep you both in my thoughts next week. I hope she recovers quickly. Such a sweetheart. Keep us posted. We will worry if we don't get updates. Never heard of Bell's Seasoning. Will have to check it out. I'm originally from the East Coast so I make oyster stuffing with my bird. But I'm willing to experiment. Yours sounds delish.
Barb said…
Poor Teddy! I'll be thinking of all of you and hoping this will do it for Teddy!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry Teddy has to go through that again. Hopefully it will resolve the problem.

petoskystone said…
poor teddy! same issue as before?
Toriz said…
Poor Teddy! Hope she recovers quickly and this will be the last time she has issues!