We Are Still Eating Turkey

I have been creating different turkey sandwiches each day to give everyone their fill of turkey but keep them from getting bored. This one was quite a hit.

I used my potato rolls covered in "everything" topping. Then layered some turkey on them. There is thinly sliced onion and sweet and hot mustard under the turkey.

Add some fried panchetta.

Then some coleslaw I made.

And some very thinly sliced apple.

A slice of cheddar cheese.

A bit more turkey.

Open wide. This made my guys very happy.


laurie said…
I would certainly hope so, thats some big sandwich, yum!
Danni said…
Oh my... I think this would make EVERY guy happy! It looks and sounds delicious. Just seeing all the toppings on your roll makes my mouth water!
Looks delicious!My kind of sandwich! But a bit difficult to eat I think :-) :-) :-)
I think I'll try this one with chicken :-)

Have a great day!
Marigold said…
Oy. How does one get one's mouth around such a delectable sandwich? The goatmother likes the idea of the fried pancetta. Yum.
Barbara F. said…
Wow. That is not your typical turkey sandwich. Have you ever owned /considered opening a restaurant? Even if you just served breakfast and lunch! xo
That sky-high sandwich is worthy of Dagwood himself!
luckybunny said…
Can't ever go wrong with bacon and turkey - and the coleslaw looks yummy!
Bird said…
Holy Toledo! Now that's a sandwich. I would have paid good money to see you eating that because I'm pretty sure it was difficult. You have to have amazing mastery of hand-mouth coordination I would think. lol

Hope you are having a fabulous fall day,
SharleneT said…
Not EVEN going to try to imagine wrapping my mouth (itty-bitty, that it is...) around that sandwich but it sounds wonderful! I'm down to my last bit of turkey and gonna check you out for some Turkey Tettrazini...Hope Teddy's all better, now.
Who could get tired of turkey with sandwiches like this! Perfect for the game tonight. Go Steelers!
Adsila said…
You have such great ideas for left-over turkey.
Guillaume said…
My kind of sandwich. Sometimes it is more pleasant to eat leftovers.

One question I have always been curious about: do you Americans get tired of turkey after having it at Thanksgiving AND Christmas?
Sonya said…
Well it looks good. We had turkey croissants today tailgating before the game. And We are having turkey pot pie tonight I think!
Callie said…
Wow! That's what we called a Dagwood sandwich when I was a kid, but your sandwich is a gourmet dream!
Now that is a turkey sandwich. I was sold when you said, "Panchetta and Cheddar." Sadly there are no leftovers at my house, we ate the holiday meal elsewhere. So I will sit here with my mouthwatering over yours. I am so jealous.
Barb said…
I'm getting tired of turkey but would make an exception for this sandwich.
I am drooling all over my keyboard! :)
Great sandwich ideas!
Joy said…
Oh I wish we had pancetta! Yum! I made Turkey Shepherd's pie last night, and on Saturday, hubby made turkey-chipotle omelets for breakfast. We'll have leftovers again tonite too!

Afiyet olsun!
Moncha said…
That looks so very delicious !!!!
Toriz said…
Good plan making the sandwiches a bit different so people don't get bored. :)