Welcome to Stockbridge

This is a town we really love and we always stop here on the way home from our New England trip.

Welcome to the Berkshires too!

They had some snow before we arrived.

Downtown Stockbridge.

This is the home to Tanglewood.

And to Norman Rockwell. A lot of his works portray this town.

Fallen leaves covered everything.

Teddy loves this town too.

She can't wait to get out and check out the town.

When was the last time you saw a pay phone? A relic from the past.

The shops look like they should be on a postcard...and they are. They also appear in Rockwell paintings.

Little cafes and shops are tucked away on back allies.

And the famous Red Lion Inn is decorated for fall. Click to enlarge.

Giant pumpkins make me very happy.

They must have used a BobCat to bring these in.

No squirrels dared to eat the town pumpkins.

It looks like the lion might take a bite.

You can spend the night here or just have lunch or dinner.

This is a very busy place in the summer.

Fall specialties are served everywhere.

Ghosts dance around the tree in front of the library.

And this house is for sale right on Main Street.

What is lurking behind the house's evergreen?

I see something fluffy back there.

It's Teddy.

She wants to buy this house and live here. This is her kind of town!


petoskystone said…
love the dancing ghosts! what a great idea.
Pricilla said…
I have been there and it is such a lovely town. It was many years ago but I remember it quite clearly - and for me that is saying something!
Ashling said…
The Lion's Den Tavern at the Red Lion Inn has the BEST French onion soup; at least once a year we make the hour+ drive to Stockbridge just to have the soup. It's a sweet town. I'm loving your trip & looking to head out there myself again.
Marigold said…
I wouldn't want to see the squirrel that would take on one of those pumpkins! Great old house. The whole town sort of has that Legend of Sleepy Hollow feel.
Very pretty! Nice to see Teddy out and about and enjoying herself.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful town! No wonder Teddy likes it there.

The dancing ghosts were kind of cute :-)

Have a great day!
Wizardess said…
So nice to see her floofiness. Looks like her eyes are all better?
Adsila said…
What a quaint little town. I loved the pictures.
Guillaume said…
You have nothing to envy about England. This town looks so beautiful and atmospheric.
Anonymous said…
great photos! such a quaint town, reminds me of our town here,, kinda locked in the past a bit.Those dancing ghost are a really cute idea,, you have had a wonderful Fall trip, thanks for sharing,, I think Teddy should buy the house,, looks like a great place,,
That is certainly my kind of town. Love the house. Maybe Teddy and I could live there.
I've somehow missed this town on my Massachusetts trips. I must remedy that. Love the dancing ghosts!
Barbara F. said…
Teddy has excellent taste. I adore the Berkshires in the fall. xo
Tanglewood and Rockwell, what a winning combination. Hope you emailed that Lion & Pumpkin Photo to the inn. The dancing ghosts were adorable. But Teddy steals the show everytime. Just LOVE her. Take care.
Tournesol said…
Great little town, love it. What a nice trip you got to make. I was supposed to go to Salem this year and take my mom, she's been wanting to go. Didn't make it will start planning for next year!
Barb said…
We used to live in Schenectady NY and made lots of day trips to Stockbridge! I really cried when good old GE moved us from Schenectady to Florida!!!! UG!!
Westlunds said…
Hi, your sister just got me in touch with your blog, ( I cut her hair, and have cut yours also many years ago) Love your blog. I have been sharing it with all my friends on facebook. You are one talented lady... Thank you for sharing all the awsome recipes!