Bon Bons

Honestly, these cookies are a pain in the butt to make. But, they are so good that I make them anyway. The dough is very dry like shortbread and sort of hard to form.

Cream 2 cups of soft butter with 3 cups of confectioners sugar.

Add 4 teaspoons of vanilla and 5 cups of flour.

Wrap a spoonful of dough around a maraschino cherry.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes. They should just be turning golden on the bottoms.

Dip them in a confectioners sugar glaze and let them set up on cooling racks. I sprinkle a bit of sparkling sugar on them. The cookies are best after a few days.


Pricilla said…
Would it work better with cream cheese?
Amish Stories said…
So the cherry is on the inside of this cookie, interesting. I have not had those cookies with the cherry on top, and i remember going to the bakery and buying a 1/4-1/2 pound and start munching away! Richard
Autumnforest said…
That looks fantastic!
I have been waiting all morning for you to post this recipe. Now I can get started!
As always they do look delicious and anything with a cherry in it must taste that too :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
They remind me of the galettes mum used to make. They look delicious.
Barb said…
Your friends and family are so lucky to get to sample all these wonderful cookies!
They LOOK yummy. I LOVE cherries. But if they're that labor intensive, I'll pass for now.
Oooh, clown nose fruit my favorite!
Mystica said…
All your biscuit receipes look delicious. Is this an American tradition to have so many of them on hand for Christmas?