Chocolate Potivica

Click on the arrow to hear The Blog Tech's version of a Beatles song which he recorded for his girlfriend. Check out his Beatles images of himself which he created.

A while back I made a walnut potivica. The link for the recipe is here:

Over the holidays I made them with chocolate to give to the fireman.

After the dough had risen, I rolled it out on a floured counter top.

It need to be almost translucent.

I will never use canned chocolate again. It was far too hard to spread on the thin dough. Next time I will make my own chocolate filling.

I had some cans of chocolate "Schmear". Even though I softened it, it was still to thick for this dough.

You shape the finished roll into an "S" in the pan.

They need to rise about two hours.

They smell wonderful!

They looked okay.

I hope the firemen liked them!


Barbara F. said…
wow.....I am resolving to absolutely lose weight this year..... but I want to try all your recipes! I was salivating over the walnut one, now chocolate enters the mix, yum. I am a fireman's daughter, think any of 'em will share? ha ha ha xo
Anonymous said…
That looks wonderful. It must be so very delicious !!
Have a great New Years eve and a fantastic start of 2012.
Anonymous said…
This looks dangerously delicious :-) I'll take a look in my pantry to see if I have all ingredients :-) If not I can always try something else sweet and delicious from all those great recipes You've posted :-)

I do like the Blog techs version of this song!

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
I am sure they did!
Anonymous said…
great job on both projects, blog tech makes a great beatle and this roll is lovely, so pretty,
Suzie said…
I'm sure that the firemen LOVED them! The chocolate really brings out the beautiful swirling pattern.

There is no end to the Blog Tech's talent! His girlfriend is very lucky to have someone with a wonderful voice, sing songs to her! (and thanks for sharing with the rest of us! I truly enjoyed his version!) And I have to add. .it is a little spooky how much he resembles some of the Beatles. With his voice, and his looks, he could have fit into the group, very easily!
I like BT better than the Beatles! How could anyone not love this, and it's so beautiful.
Marigold said…
You know what? If you ever do find a new place, and move, all your neighbors, along with the firemen and policemen are going to surround your house and refuse to let you leave! Happy New Year and thank you for all your wonderful recipes and for bringing such love into the Universe!