Christmas Teddy

In a very unlikely Chow Chow fashion, Teddy is not madly in love with snow. I don't get it! It was tough to get my last Chow in the house when it was cold and snowy. This is the look on Teddy's face when I tried to get her to go outside just as our snow began to fall.

Come on is really nice outside.

How about if I give you a bone?

In case you haven't listened to The Blog Tech's rendition of one of my favorite Christmas songs, click on the arrow.

The very first snow of the season.

Yeah!!! Please send a lot more my way!

I put up the stockings.

I needle pointed these when I was pregnant.

This is The Blog Tech's stocking.

A sure way to get Teddy to go outside is to give her a bone. These photos are in the sequence they were taken as I hung the stockings while waiting for Teddy to decide if she wanted a bone. With the bone in her mouth she heads to the door.

Bone in mouth and looking back to see if I am going to try to take it back.

This is my husbands stocking.

And this is my daughter's.

Teddy returns to the house, bone still in mouth.

Standing in the hall deciding where to take it next. Bones are very confusing things.

This is what it looked like this morning when the sun came up.

Hmmm...wonder who could have made these horrifying tracks in the fresh snow? Who do I know that has gianormous paws?

I found this at a thrift shop yesterday for 3.00. A vintage gold metal tree topper!


Those stockings are great! Family heirlooms for sure!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Finally some snow and I hope You'll get lots of it :-) I do like snow in photographs, Injust hate it when it falls where I live :-)

Teddy is cute as ever :-)

We rarely have angels in the tree top here at yule, we have stars. I have an old one where a light is placed inside it at the top, but I have to say Yours is truly beautiful, mine is plastic and that says all :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Teddy is adorable !!! I enjoy visiting your blog ..
The photos are always awesome adn love tghe stories
petoskystone said…
Teddy practices her 'Are you insane?' look a lot during winter, doesn't she? I don't have any snow yet & none in the forecast :( I cross-stitched stockings, & also made some up in felt. Lovely tree topper!
Did I miss something? I didn't see a stocking for Teddy. Snow. Yuck!
Teddy Christmas Bear of wonder and light.

Love the star tree topper. Great find.

Merry Christmas.
Marigold said…
We shall make Teddy an honorary goat - we don't like snow either! The Goatmother, however, says please send snow. (Great find on the tree topper!)
Pricilla said…
My husband is lamenting our lack of snow. He blames it on himself because he bought a little John Deere to clear all the expected snow away. I thought he should have bought trim for the there I say, so there!

The song sounds great!
Tournesol said…
The snow makes your decorations evenmore beautiful. Teddy is as cute going as coming with that fluffy rear end!
And those stockings are priceless.
Anonymous said…
snow? How much and where do I send it! I have lots to spare.
Teddy is such a sweet heart, that face, your garden looks lovely,
Autumnforest said…
Oh, that Teddy! She is a real princess. I don't blame her, though. Imagine the snow dingleberries she gets if she's outside too long in the snow.
Barbara F. said…
Teddy is the cutest dog. I am glad she is feeling back to her old self. Stockings are great, I guess the 5th one is Teddy's? I love that copper mold collection. And your backyard. xo
everything looks so pretty covered with a dusting of snow :D
LuLu Kellogg said…
LOVE the stockings and of course...Teddy is the star of this post!

Merry Merry!
Teddy is just the sweetest thing I ever saw. So much expression on her face. Hope she finally found somewhere GOOD to hide that bone. I don't do snow either, as beautiful as it is. LOL Your stockings are delightful. And that tree topper divine. Take care.
Julia said…
Wow, never seen a dog like that before. VERY cute! Thanks for all your lovely comments on our blog. Much appreciated. :)
Amish Stories said…
Wrap Teddy up cause I'm taking him home,lol. What a cute little guy and we have not had our snow yet, well we did get a little in late October. So now when it snows again ill think about your blog and the name that is on top of it,lol. Richard
Toriz said…
Well, if Teddy doesn't want the snow, send it my way! ;)