Curried Egg Salad Sandwiches

This is a great twist on your ordinary egg salad sandwiches.

I am still working on my tree.

Dice 3 stalks of celery and one medium onion.

These are hidden rose apples. They are red on the inside.

I diced some of them and added them to the onions and celery.

Add about 10 chopped hard boiled eggs.

Sprinkle on several tablespoons of curry powder to taste. Add salt and pepper.

Add about 3/4 cup of mayonnaise . Don't add to much mayo. You can always add more. Mix thoroughly.

Slice some good sandwich buns.

Cover each side with spinach leaves. This will keep them from getting soggy.

Pile egg salad on one side and avocado on the other.

Top with radish sprouts.

The apples are not too sweet and add a nice crunch to the egg salad.



Autumnforest said…
My mom's best special breakfast for us kids growing up was curried eggs. We'd do a little dance when we smelled it cooking. It was hard boiled eggs sliced and put into a cream sauce with curry powder and put over toast. On a cold winter morning, it was nirvana. I love this variation!
Ashling said…
Ooooh...that sounds delicious; I can see it served for supper with Curried Carrot Parsnip Soup!
Anonymous said…
this is the most amazing egg salad sandwich I have evr saw in my whole entire 55 years!
You never cease to amaze me, everything is just over thetop, in a good way.You certainly have a gift.
I find myself coming here to browse your recipe section, thye are all winners.I tried your biscuits the other day too,
Pricilla said…
Are the apples what look like carrots?
Very bad sentence....
Barbara F. said…
Hidden rose apples? Where oh where can I find those?! I have never heard of them. Now I will be on a mission - do you have a tree in your yard? xo
Anonymous said…
I have egg salad way to seldome! And it must be delicious with curry in it!

I've never seen a riose apple in real only heard about them. They do look delicious and I guess they are :-)

Have a great day!
You had me when I saw the words, CURRIED EGG SALAD. I'm in, going to make this. Looks absolutely DELICIOUS. Your tree is GORGEOUS. Take care.
Guillaume said…
I wish the sandwiches I made were as exciting as this one. My lunches would be so much more enjoyable.
Amish Stories said…
My dad really loves egg salad so i bet that he would really love this one! Richard
Your tree is beautiful. You know how much I love your curried egg salad.
~ Jayne ~ said…
Wow ~ what an "egg-ceptional" sandwich!Couldn't resist the pun!Your tree is resplendent too!
Dayum, that's a good lookin' san'ich
Wizardess said…
Yum. I will sub tofu for the eggies. I'm finding that apples are wonderful in stir fries, too!
Anonymous said…
First of all, your tree is simply gorgeous. Also, the sandwiches are amazing. At least they look amazing, I haven't tried them yet, but you can bet I will. I'm making them tomorrow. I have to do without the avocado because about 15 years ago I developed an allergy to many foods, one being avocado. I just about cry every time I see them because I want them so bad. Thanks again for sharing your delicious food with us.
Suzie said…
You always take sandwiches to a whole new level! Beyond how fantastic they taste, you've turned them into an art form!!
SharleneT said…
I love the idea of apple in the potato salad (bangs forehead!). And, the spinach lined bread is one of my favorite things to do. I also like to use cucumbers for that little crunchiness. Thanks for sharing.