Look at What My Little Mini Me Did

My daughter had her last event for the year last night at her museum and she did a wonderful job!

This is the cranberry/horseradish/shallot cream cheese on the rosemary no knead bread. She decorated them with a dried cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

She made our family recipe of Christmas yum yummies on the lower right. The Blog Tech was not there to take photos so she took them with her cell phone.

Ham sliders.

The desert table.

The chicken liver pate' served with cornichons and harvest no knead bread.

She made a bunch of red velvet and white chocolate cake pops.

The cheese platter.

Charcuterie assortment.

Spinach dip with crudite's.

I love this one. She made a wreath out of marinated mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and basil leaves.

These are called posh piggies. they are puff pastry cutouts sitting on sausage served with a dijon, mango chutney and mayonnaise dip.

An inviting array.

She served mini plum puddings on the dessert buffet.

She made salmon mousse and served it on crackers.

A posh piggy.

Way to go my sweet daughter. You sure did a fabulous job! I see catering in your future.


Barbara F. said…
My mother always said the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree! Like mother, like daughter. Fabulous food. I'd be a client if we lived closer (or if you shipped overnight with dry ice) :) xo
HappyCrone said…
Oh My! How beautiful and scrumptious!!! Well done Mini You!! And now I am really, really hungry!!
Peggy said…
What a talented daughter and beautiful food. Love the posh piggy!
OMG! What a beautiful spread of food. Look out D.C. there is about to be a new caterer in town. Ms. B. you did an outstanding job!
I can honestly say this post made my stomach growl... literally. Your daughter is quite the talent! Now when are you two going into business already?! :)
Anonymous said…
We say that tha apple doesn't fall far from the tree and That's really true here :-) :-)

I would have placed myselkf by that dessert table and never moved from it :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Watching at the first pic I thought you were going to do a raclette.
that looks amazing! she did a great job.
Pricilla said…
Very special indeed! LOVE the posh piggies!
Marigold said…
Impressive! I had to laugh at the last picture,though, as it reminded me of a VooDoo hors d'oeurve.:)
Suzie said…
You've taught her well! She definitely has an artistic eye for presentation, too! Everything is beautiful!!

Not only is the museum never going to let her leave, but if she manages to sweet talk them into it, I feel sorry for the person following in her footsteps. They will never, ever measure up to the high standards that they are seeing now!

You both did a wonderful job! What a team!!!
I can't take it anymore. I have a BIG mouth, a willing stomach and will be your guinea pig. You and your daughter can use me in your test kitchen. Say yes, please. You are both so-oo talented. Everything you make looks delicious. Lucky are the people who get to partake in the feast you serve.
Anonymous said…
beautifully done! Very Yummy!
Anonymous said…
Looks amazing! She did a great job. Of course she has a fantastic teacher.
Rosemary said…
Wow your daughter did a fantastic job and you are right to be proud. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, you are right, she really is a mini-you! She did get the impressive catering gene from you for sure. Everything looks so amazing. I'm quite sure everyone was duly knocked out by this fabulous display. You must let her know that we all think she ROCKS!
Barb said…
Everything looks so delicious! It looks like she did inherit her talent from you!
SharleneT said…
Her work is beautiful. I can easily imagine her as a caterer! My only problem is the adorable little pastry man stuck through the HEART on the tray... poor little thing, to know such pain and then be eaten... It's gorgeous and you have every right to be proud. I'm with Christer, the apple doesn't fall far...