Teddy Gets a Bone

This is something I truly do not understand. I know dogs bury bones in case they run out of food. When I give Teddy treats she gobbles them. However, if I give her a dog biscuit shaped like a bone, she grunts and then takes great care to find a very secret hiding place and she buries it. Why? It is not a bone. It is only shaped like a bone. She doesn't bury her other treats.

Notice the bit of curl behind her ear. It was raining when I took this pic and the humidity makes her hair curl!

At first she always looks confused. It seems that she is thinking it over. Should I eat this or bury it?

She always ends up taking it outside.

There she goes. She starts the hunt to find the secret burial place.

Doesn't she look like Jack Nicholson as the Joker. That is the bone in her mouth.

She keeps looking at me as if to ask that I look the other way. She does not want me to see where she buries it.

She has held these in her mouth as long as a half hour before I get bored and go inside and then she buries it. I just can't figure my puppy out sometimes!


The answer to why she does this must lie deep in her genetic code. Very deep!
Peggy said…
At least Teddy goes outside to bury it. Rusty will take his dog biscuits and bury them under a rug, a blanket, in the magazine basket, in my shoe. He is the same way about burying the biscuits versus his other treats. Have no idea why.
She is so sweet! She doesn't want to dig her bone up and eat it. She might be hungry and need it one day when she's outside playing.
Marigold said…
Is it possible that Teddy has even more hair than previously? Does she get more for the winter like goats do?
Guillaume said…
I think she is missing snow, just like me.
Anonymous said…
the actions you just described are the exact of which our old dog did.Even the turning and looking at us like we were intruding, it must be something about the dog biscuits, our Buck chewed up his pigs ears and other type treats but dog biscuits he did the same as Teddy.Must be an inside secret among dogs.Teddy looks beautiful, curls and all.
Anonymous said…
What a fun behavior :-) None of my dogs bury anything, I guess they know the two others will take it away from them anyway :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Amish Stories said…
Adorable isn't she, i love it when folks posts pictures of their animals. Members of the family really so she's a cutie. Richard
Anonymous said…
Oh Teddy, you beautiful little girl. My little Meeka does the very same thing. If her treat is soft, she eats it, if it is hard, she carries it around in her mouth for a very long time until she finds a place to bury it, be it under a blanket, a pillow or clothes. Sugar on the other hand either eats it or ignores it. Both shih tzus, very different behavior. I gotta tell you, I'd love to just snuggle up and cuddle Teddy.
This is extremely interesting. I believe this trait is inherent. To get to the truth you must delve deep into Teddy's psyche. I'm not sure she will let you, though being how secretive she is. She is quite the character and cute too.
Marigold said…
I knew there was a reason I liked Teddy. She gets puffy in the winter and sheds in the spring just like a goat! The Goatmother has been collecting Mighty Quinn hair, though it isn't anything like Teddy's. Learning to spin some day is on her bucket list. :)
SharleneT said…
Could be she's thinking, "...just how long does it take her to get the hint I can do this, myself?" So glad the cone days are over for her. Bad way to spend the holidays!
She is a love. The bone "thingie "is her particular mystery.

xoxo to Teddy Hides a Bone
haha Oh, Teddy! What a goof! I can't believe that she waited over a half an hour for you to leave so she could bury that thing.
CopperCreeker said…
maybe it's something in the bone recipe plus the hardness that reminds her of bones or triggers the instinct for her to hide her yummie
love hearing about that cutie
Oh cute Teddy that is a puzzle. But my dogs come running every time I turn on the can opener and they have never have had canned food!